Monday, March 13, 2006

How the world works

Today, Yoda is gonna tell you how the world works. And this is not some type of lecture to the stupid like most media that you read. It is more inspiring.

How the fuck does the world works? Money. End of post.

Shit head!

And i am not sorry for wasting your time!

In the bolehland, whenever there is new policy or directive or any change of system, you can be assured that someone would profit from it. Not you or me but a bunch of people higher up.

Now you wouldnt think that the touch n go cards and our new ic are free would you? Well maybe we dont pay for the cards but someone is paying for it. The govt is paying for it. With the taxpayers money. 20mil cards if it comes to rm10 per card is Rm 200 mil. Well someone is getting alot richer now. No, not cronys but those people themselves. afterall, why let someone do it when you could do it yourself.

Petronas profit? you wouldnt see one sen of it! It is all divided up and shared amongst themselves.

saving 4 bil in subsidy to probably establish a huge ass bus consortium or sorts. Then somebody will get the contract to import the busses, somebody will get a maintenance contract, somebody with connections would get a high paid job in the company.

GLCs losses? after provisions for kickbacks and the network of contracts!

AND for every single project by the govt, you can be assured that somebody always find ways to profit from it.

Now after I reveal to you all this magnificent shit about how the world works, now it is your turn to tell me AM I A GENIUS OR WAT!!!

ok. fuck off for anyone not believing i am a genius. for those who believed, just go find a building and jump off it.


angel said...

what abt sex?

Inevitable said...

wah lan... I din check the blog for couple of days and it totally changed ... ducky to fucky?

Yodaddy said...

Yeah! changed. not only that, it went from ducky to yoda in charge! for more info, read the post takin over

Ah Pek said...


ducky said...

u fuck me for posting political shit, and here you are posting like wise political shit with more attitude, thats all. SHDD.

hi angel, yes what abt sex ? you're telling fucky something or is it a question for me ? which my replied would be none for a while.

yes ducky to fucky, then it might become lucky, we're going alphabetical upwards with letters that can make "ucky" a word.

Yodaddy said...

duck, i post it straight to the point lah, yours is 30 sen want to die, mine is 30 bil take in stride. very different. and after fucky, i think would be changed to sucky or yucky.

and tomorrow, sex!!

Yodaddy said...

angel, sorry but i not interested in older woman! hahahah!

Ahpek lu kong hami?
like that not funny!
why say only money?
not getting any lately?

ducky, what the fuck is SHDD? And yes its the ATTITUDE that counts!

angel aka the clairvoyant said...

yodaddy, well, i'm sorry too bcos u are gonna end up with an older woman!

i hv said it before and i'm gonna say it again...mark MY WORDS!


Yodaddy said...

am i really? claivoryant? oh no! let me just kill myself before it happens!

but before that give me the 4d number so that i can believe your claivoryantness.

post it here lah angel