Saturday, March 25, 2006

a day at mid valley

went to mid valley today, did some grocery shopping. bought some ps2 game, yeh i just bought 25 to life, heard it was great, suppose to be better than gta san andreas. we will see. mid valley top floor have this sex shop, so i walk inside it while carrying my 1 year++ old kid. went inside, before i could even see anything, a dude came up to me and said " sin-sang, sai low koh emm yap tak li toe leh " i stare at that guy like a dummy and left. what the fuck does my 1++ year old kid is going to know about colourful condoms and sex toys ! fantastic. why he's going to start masturbating at 2 years old ? fuck.

then i wander off to the amusement park, which i was rather amuse with this game they had. first you pick a prize, then you spin a wheel like the wheel of fortune, it has numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,0,-1,-2,-3,-4 & -5. and you need to press a button to stop the auto wheel. the trick is to score a combination of over 5, then the prize will topple over and you win. sound easy right, but everyone loses, everytime it reaches the 5 mark, the next turn is definitely a negative number. chances of winning, i think zero. what prizes they giving away ? handphones, expensive hp, like the sony ericcson w550. catchy isnt it, i was tempted, but having eaten more bowl of rice then this youngster, i decline.

so come lunch time, wife decide to eat at kim gary. personally i dont quite dig kim gary kind of food even like Wong kok char chan teng. food somehow taste very funny. there is no taste and, and its funny. cant use any other word to describe it. but ppl still make a beeline to it. i remember the 1st time i ate there, we ask for a recomendation, fuck i was eating baked rice in cheese and tomato sauce, fried chicken wing in cheese and tomato sauce and some funny tasting drink. who the fuck actually eat cheese & tomato sauce with rice ? nevermind. you drank that cham peng ? it was like quarter tea spoon of coffee, quarter tea spoon of tea and two table spoon of milk. who the fuck drink this kind of crap. all i want is a ice lemon tea, but knowwwwwwww, they have flavouring. fucked. what we ate there ? i think it was a bowl of noodle with pork chop and rice with pork chop as well. what i had ? french toast and chicken wing. plain fried chicken wing. if you dont know what to order if you get stuck in one of this restaurant, look for sandwich, simple sandwich, its a good bet. fried rice ? noooooooo, tried some black pepper fried rice, fuck. spagetti ? same fuck. best tip, avoid that fucking place, though its not that over price but not that cheap, food as i say taste funny.

you might call me old fashion or out of date, but fuck, they taste not to my taste bud. my taste bud is simple. roast or grill, plenty of oil. fattening and lots of cholestral. yes i die early, but i die enjoying what i eat. freash oyster, steaks, lamb of racks, crab, anything that sent your cholestral level sky rocketting. i'll eat it.

happy dining.


5xmom said...

Yeah it sucks big time. And only thupek (dumbasses) go and queue up to wait to eat.

tyked said...

Kim Gary sucks big time, and very overpriced. Ribs were greasy and hard to eat, noodles were not worthy of note, even the milk tea is worse than the worst mamak stall teh.

BTW, chanlilian, that's a shameless traffic whore thing to include your url in your name. Wah lau, terlampau.

ducky said...

yes there are indeed a lot of thupek in kl.

oi tyked, dun lah fark kau ppl in my blog, next ppl dun wan comment anymore, somemore farking ppl is my offcial function lah.