Thursday, March 30, 2006

MP jeff ooi ?

Do you think jeff ooi will make a good politician ?

I’m quite sure this thought did hit that brain of yours more than once, right ?

Do you think he is interested ?

Do you think he ever thought about it ?

So if he did join politics, which side would he be on ?

Maybe he’ll join mca, there’s where all the moolah is right ?

Or maybe he is more righteous and be an independent party ?

So if he is contesting in the next general election, would you vote for him ?

But what if ducky also is contesting in the next general election as an independent of course, would you vote for ducky lets say against a BN component party ?

What say you ?


Lord Vendetta said...

daft ooi is crap! nuff said!

tigerjoe said...

I've always thought Malaysia's most influential blogger was Paul Tan.

Anonymous said...

someone said that he is a gerakan man in usj. (hence u hardly see him bash/talk/write/comment/ gerakan)

so ?

Anonymous said...

What makes u think he isn't in politics already? He's practically e-Gerakan.

Yodaddy said...

i thought the most influential blogger in malaysia was ( i click everyday)

we shouldnt despise Jooi because he is or is not in politics already. Even the worst Jooi is infinitely better than a good BN MP.

Seriously i would even vote xiaxue if she is a malaysian and she is contesting in GE(against BN).

Ultimately no one becomes an MP without the blessing of BN, even if the candidate get the most vote. You know what mean.

Anonymous said...

As a blogger, he is to be admired but as a politician? He is neither machiavellian enough nor smart enough. Half-half don't make whole milk.

Yodaddy said...

anonymous(3 different person or are you a trinity?)
We dont really need a machiavellian and smart politician like say, mahathir. We want someone who will serve the rakyat with a set principle. and to make sure he dont makan money, not being smart enough would be advantageous.

ducky said...

so i see, mr ooi is not so popular after all, but couple of fellows here dont really make the bulk of it right ?

better yet, next post i should post on who u think should be malaysia pm ? that would be fun.

vincent said...

Shit I must be doing something wrong. I always thought I WAS the most influential blogger in Malaysia

Jessica said...

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