Friday, March 24, 2006

dont sent email if you're in china

one of my fav magazine to read is forbes. either for entertainment or pleasure or knowledge, is a great read. from articles of rags to riches, to oppresive govt (malaysia included) to new innovative product to politics and economics, forbes have it all. and of course i subscribe to it.

have not been reading my forbes recently until know, with the current issue being the billionaire list, with bill gate at the top again. i think it was 2 issue before, there is this great article on internet in china. we all know internet in china is restricted and censored, but to what extent ? read this rather long article title cracks in the wall which is rather interesting on what this chinese do to prevent from being caught and those less fortunate ppl that got caught and are serving prison term, just for writing and posting things like what we do here in ducky.

my guess is malaysia is in the steps of doing the same. so if one day you click on ducky and you find a blank blogsite, ducky & yoda are in kamunting camp then. maybe not yoda, as he would deny that his call sign is yoda. me ? i wont deny, i'll kick and scream murder all the way, but i wont deny what i believe in. see yoda i've already commented for you.


since this is a friendly protest, bring your children, your party hats, your party games, and clothes to change, as it might get hot and wet and soaking wet just like that party in thailand, where everybody get everybody else wet. dont worry theres plenty of water to give around from our beloved fru water cannon. there we'll also be a strong person contest, to see who can withstand the water cannon spray the longest without falling down.

i believe there's alucky draw as well, but for that you must deposit your "teng key" with the abang fru, lucky winners would get a good beating from the fru i think. there might also be a special repeat stunt show by a helicopter crew that will fly as low as possible to keep the friendly crowd entertaint. and if we are lucky there might even be a certain female winged friend streaker running around in klcc.

so see you there.


Inevitable said...

I guess I will sit in front of the tv and wait for your face to appear?

Yodaddy said...

what makes you think nobodys watching? if i were to just spend a few hours to read blogs pinged in pps, i could theoretically read all the post pinged to PPS.

To catch you or anyone in PPS, there is no need to have canggih software/hardware. All they need is someone with a few hours a day to spare, to monitor PPS.

thats why it is so important to have a statistical analysis tool in your website. So if someone were to come to your site and read every post of yours, pls pack for kamunting.

Yodaddy said...

Inevitable, you think the demo will appear on tv is it?

duck, helicopter? yeah! i hope theres lots of skirts in the crowd.

angel said...


ducky said...

i didnt actually say that no one is watching. actually fuck i care if anyone is watching. you tracking ducky ? you you out there, you tracking me ? fuck you, and fuck all of you.
i think inevitable still kanak-kanak riang lah, think all this appear in the morning sunday cartoon on tv3.
yes angel, the certain female winged streaker? wonder who is it ah ? cannot say malaikat, after nazri put me in kamunting faster than i want to be.

Inevitable said...

kamunting good what... free food, free lesson, no need to worry about fuel price increase... mana tau maybe u suddenly got famous because of this and you can start a book on your sexperience