Saturday, March 25, 2006

spanking new office, same old people - putrajaya

i though i just swallowed it, but when i saw that advert on tv, no way i was going to just swallow it without putting up a fuss.

you know that advert on tv where it starts with a bunch of people sitting on a bus, and one man drop some documents, and a chinese lady picks it up and return it back to the man. yeah, yeah, that advert on how the govt servant was not too efficient last time, but now with a spanking new office and larger i might add, they are more efficient.


i work in a accounting firm, and let me tell you ppl that only see these govt servant once a year or once a while, they are still the same, no change in the attitude, new environment thats all, but everything is still the damn same. last time all that screw up is quite forgiveable, but now, no fucking sir, putrajaya is not like a stone throw away from the office, and its fucking hot as well. i'm not about to go back and forth to get additional documents or amend my documents if you didnt tell me earlier.

actually they have been slower than last time. things that normally get approved in two weeks, now takes a month, and yet they have the balls to print this lie "keputusan akan diketahui dalam masa dua minggu" "terima kasih kerana berurusan terus dengan kami" & "berurusan terus dengan kami adalah mudah"

let me give you an example.

early march i went to the department of immigration ("doi") to get a special pass for my client. line up to take a number, women told me no. is finished. and if she gave me that no., i wont be able to submit my application before their office closed. i say i dont care, just give me the fucking no. she gave me the fucking no. 1.5 hours later, which was at 4.30pm, its was my turn, i submitted it and got a acknowledgement letter informing me that i would have my result in three working days. it was a friday, so that mean result would be out in next wednesday. fine.

wednesday, i went to check on the outcome, guess what its not approved yet, wish to speak to someone in charge, guess what everyone went to seminar, fucked, what can i do ? went back. started calling them on thursday, friday, monday, tuesday, it was no fucking answer, my computer cannot check what you request for, let me pass the line to someone else, which most of the time will end up with the line being disconnected. so after a week, i went there again. check on my outcome again, guess what, no result yet. they saw the application date "3rd march 2006", today is the 15, which is about nearly 2 weeks already with no outcome. women said please refer to the counter that served your application. went there, the officer was not there, ask where he was, they said "seminar" ask what i want ? i said look at my application, saw it, saw the date, took it to the superior, superior came back with her, started ransacking that guys place that took in my application, guess what ? my application is still sitting nicely in the "to do" tray while he goes for his fucking seminar !

of course the officer personally took care of it and 10 minutes later, he said it was approved and proceed to pay. after paying, they ask you to come back again in 3 days time, to collect the processed passport, 3 days later, passport not processed, had to wait another 2 hours for it to be processed and guess what again ? a special pass is normally approved for 28 days. since i paid on the 15 of march, i would expect the pass to be approved until at least 12 of april, but fucked no. it it 28 days from the day i submit my application which was on 3rd march, so my special pass is only valid till 1 april.

efficient ? my fucking cyrix 166++ processor is more efficient than that.



Ah Pek said...

that's why you must work hard hard, become rich rich, get a datuk title, then where you go oso people will bodek you.

ducky said...

solly apek that one i cannot agree lah. ppl bodek u bcoz rich, not ethical lah for me.

Inevitable said...

gomen always uses the same tactic to 'con' the rakyat. they are brainwashing us in believing that they have improve their services which they have not...

Yodaddy said...

no shit. how much undertable money you give? I dont see you mentioning giving duit kopi!

It is a miracle that they even do for you. You should be glad.

Please understand the difference of 'processing fee' and 'fees for processing'. The fees for processing is outstanding, the officer who had too much to drink the night before was planning to ask you to contribute a bit.

New office, higher overheads! Your contributions are needed for the putrajaya civil servants to maintain their lifestyle.