Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the filthy rich

bill gates once again top the list for the 12th year as the world richest man. lucky we all use pirate copies of windows.

the top ten.

2. warren buffet
3. carlos slim - mexican telco
4. ingvar kamprad - ikea guy
5. lakshmi mittal - indian dude that owns world largest steel company
6. paul allen - microsoft cofounder
7. bernard arnault - lvmh owner, now you know, why lv cost a bomb to buy, but the cost to produce ? he wont be a billionaire if it wasnt dirt cheap, isnt it.
8. prince alwaheed - saudi arabia investor
9. kenneth thompson - canadian media baron
10. li ka shing - who the fuck dont know him !

how did the malaysian did ?

malaysian richest man

114. robert kuok - usd5.0 billion - you know this guy
147. ananda krishnan - usd4.3 billion - astro guy
245. lim goh tong - usd2.8 billion - genting guy
365. teh hong piow - usd2.1 billion - public bank guy
382. quek leng chan - usd2.0 billion - hong leong bank guy
486. lee shin cheng - usd1.6 billion - ioi group guy
698. yeoh tiong lay & family - usd1.1 billion - the ytl ppl that own bukit bintang and surrounding
746. tiong hiew king - usd1.0 billion - sarawak timber king

which malaysian didnt make it ?

795. ducky, by 3 cents
794. yoda, by 2 cents

blardy hell, should have listed ducky in the london stock exchange.


Yodaddy said...

li ka shing- hutchison whampoa and some property development co.(cant seem to recall the name)

but your list a bit wrong lah. I dont see mahathir in the top ten richest in the world wan?

at least next year, abdullah will be on the list. what with at least 4.4 billion added to his wealth this year alone.

Inevitable said...

kakakakaka ... so true eh and not forgetting his son in law, khairi

ducky said...

did this in a hurry mah, never mind later can edit. to include pak lah & son & their cronies.

Yodaddy said...

khairy is MERELY a multi millionaire. Not worthy of mentioning in the same breath as the above.

my genius contributions :

kuok - kerry group, shangri la hotels, china property developer.

ananda - maxis, tanjong plc(owns pan malaysian polls)

lim goh tong - if plus his son can go to around ananda's amount

YTL- got 1 bil but have to split among 4 bros. not much per person. and they dont own nearly as much BB as Berjaya