Tuesday, March 07, 2006


one of my fav topics and things that i like to see go bouncing, bOObs.

cheng sim did write something about it, but i'll try to do a 18sx on it for all you ahpek, linpeh, cinapek, cipek out there.

cant deny it, cant say i didn't see it, cant say i try no to see it, cant help it must see, bOObs. women flaunt it, some cover it up, some make it bigger, some push it up to appear bigger, some want it to be bigger, some like it small, but its all the same to US. men/pigs love breast, from the very day we know of its purpose and the pleasure it brings us, we want to see it, more or less. thats the thing, more or less. do you want to see it all or just enough to satisfy your lust.

personally if its a movie star, i guess we want to see it all, but the turning point is, what happen when we see it all ? yeah right, down the drain. we all know what happen to demi moore, she teased us in indecent proposal, makes us horny in disclosure, and we cum in striptease. then it was over. she came, we saw, we left.




but what is our real appetite with bOObs, must we see naked bOObs all the time ? and how about the size and shapes ? and color ? standard acceptable size of course is big, but come on you've seen big bOObs and they look better covered up. then just tergantung there. so that means we like to look at cleavage, the more the better but just enough to make our imagination go wild.

my standard 3 artist that i will always make a point with is mariah, britney & kylie. britney has written off as a super desperate slut, mariah is a slut in making but always manage to come back to being hot, but kylie, always show just enough to make us go gaga. those hot pants, man i could watch that video over and over. which brings us out of the bOObs topics and into long slender legs.

so what is the conclusion, naked bOObs or cleavage ? i guess its bOObs if we are doing the banging and cleavage if we are doing the seeing. correct or not ?


Yodaddy said...

hey this IS the most appropriate time to blog with some pictures lah! Show some example of what you are trying to say mah. quickly update it with some pics!

Yodaddy said...

Alright! but now you have to put a sign/disclaimer to tell them it is not safe for work.NSFW.

wait...forgetaboutit. everyone who visit your blog is damn hamsup anyway.

ok.like that lah. to prove it..whoever comment on this post is super hamsup wan.

Inevitable said...

yes, whoever comment on this post is super hamsup. please don't comment

ducky said...

why so little hamsup ppl around wan. got nice picture also dun want to see. since we 3 only, maybe can start new blog, "we 3 hamsup low" every week we go out to shopping complexes, supermarket, library, taman-taman, parking lot to combat ppl and take hamsup pictures then post on blog. anyone doing that already ?

Yodaddy said...

ooi.. everybody knows you two are hamsup lah. no need to show it by commenting lah.

we wait here and entah-entah laprincess pulak will comment!

Ducky, AFAIK no one doing that. but if i have humsup picture or clips, i better publish a humsup book or video! why should i put it on this blog? ONLY got 3 humsup fellows here wat.

How bout this ducky, if by 6pm got 3 other humsup fellows, tomorrow you post more of this type of post lah. If dont have, then you should give up on this genre. return to the politicking and pseudo religious type of post.

Inevitable said...

yoda, cannot la liddat. AFAIK, angel is one hamsup woman but she normally goes online late at night.
itik, give this genre a 24 hours then decide ...

Yodaddy said...

Inevitable, roger that. all hamsup woman goes online late at night. hamsup guys go online during working hours wan. How bout this ducky, until 6 am. if takada then you dont post all this pics already. rather post your paintbrush pictures.

Siao Cha Bor said...

humsap guys go online after their wives go to bed la
humsap guys oso go online during office hours

angel said...

kao sai...

oi inevitable, tenkiu so much lar for promoting yours truly to be one hamsup woman :P (btw, why is hamsup not spelt as hamsap?? isn't hamsup pronounced as hamsoop??)

yoda, wats this theory that anyone who comments here is hamsup? mana datang punya??

duck, the teasing & horny shots look enticingly sexy but definitely NOT the cumming pics! no class! bordering porn, oh no wait, it IS porn! tsk tsk ... apalah ... want to do it, do it with class la ... boobies look so fake!

and btw, how come none of u (yoda & inevitable) answered the questions regarding boob preferences?? size, shape, colour??

also, tell me this, when u see a woman with a low neckline with some slight cleavage, would u go "toinkkk"??

angel said...

yo, where's the swearing box???

Yodaddy said...

angel, theory of hamsup is mine. Yoda's theory. and very true mah, ask anyone commenting here whether they are not hamsup or not lah. and ducky got ask the question meh? all i see is the photos wat.

Really, girls prefer at night to be hamsup. guys do it anytime wan but prefer not to at night/home. why surf porn at home whe you can surf porn during office hour?

and comments here dun bluff. theres only woman commenting at night. no guys comment here at night wat....

and ducky, only 2 more hamsup person only. better brush up on your paintbrush pictures..

ducky said...

ducky so sad, only 2 dicks & 2 chicks answered my ad for boobs.
even the mother of all hamsup men encik ahpek also no show.
but fear not, ducky not so easily putus asa, ducky will post bOObs II but maybe not today.
swearing box got bird flu, take go see doctor yoda 1st.
siao char bor, hamsup guys go online all the time lah. all subscribe to streamyx 88++ package.
low neckline with some cleavage ? depends all the time, we pigs are rather picky, i think it depends on how the chick dressed up.
yes angel the 3rd pic has no class at all, running short of time, ori post didnt have pic, then yoda said where can, must have pics, so i quickly quicly went to my fav site and zap zap. anyway demi wasnt hot at all in striptease, i thought she was the hottest in indecent.
everybody say AfuckingMen.

Gef said...

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