Saturday, March 18, 2006

My frightening experience

Coloured in red are my genius contributions

Hi. Shitheads

Must blog about my very the frightening experience when i was driving in a kampung area how i wished Yoda was with me at that time. The road only got one lane. At that time very jam because in front i thought got accident. But when i look in front i can see it was because cows was crossing the road which begs the question Why the fuck the cow cross the fucking road?. A few cows cross the road and then a few cars pass. A few more cows and it was my turn to pass bloody shit damn sien wan. But then my car cannot pass full through so i can try see my car harder or the cow harder. So a cow come straight to me and bang kau my car. I thought my car got bang very good but actually nothing one. After the cow bang me, the mad cow become mad kau with me and start to chase my car somemore like the jurassic park 1 when jeff goldblum kkc also shrink trying to drive off in the jeep. The cars in front also moving slowly and i follow slowly but the cow chase kau me quite fast like when jeff goldblum idiot whack the gear into 3rd gear and the english hunter tiu him and then put back to 4th gear to try to outrun the T rex. I was very frightened and i called out for Yoda. Luckily the opposite car also same car with me was turning behind me. And so the cow chase the car instead. I hope nothing happen to that car but if something happen, well though luck. Shit happens man. Dont come and find me

Lastly please excuse my poor english or go to hell. I was chinese ed but Yoda promised me to give me private tuition.

Thank you for wasting your time here. now go wank off at some far far away place.


ducky said...

oh my fucking god ! 1st you lied about your name, then your age, now you say you are cina educated ! fuck lah, you say aussie grad, always hang around with the surf dude. tiu niamah. esok how ? tell me you not virgin as well. shit.

further more who want to know abt u driving in some kampung! you say you can write hot sexy stuff, now i dunno lah, after you spell gropping breast as hopping beast, mati ah.

Yodaddy said...

nevermind that nasty man ducky. Yoda koko help you change your post abit

angel said...

cow chase???!!!


Cockroach said...

ducky-i did not lie. chenese ed cannot go to aust u wan meh? And i am not writing sexy stuff.

Yoda-tenk u for your contributions.ur writing is very funny. i already vote u.

angel-hi.yes got cow chase me.not like the normal cow.this wan skinny and grey color.

Minny said...

An entertaining though highly implausible story....The editing cracked me up. The cow must have been "mooo"-ving quite fast :) *eye roll*

Right, I'll get my coat.....

Yodaddy said...

Disclaimer : The editor do not vouch for the accuracy of the story. Although the writer should...