Saturday, March 11, 2006

Takin' Over

You bitches and sons of bitches looking for ducky?
He's still here. Only thing is that he lost creative control to me, Yoda.

It all started when we have a 'Beat up the Bitches' contest. I totally pwned him. Not much of a challenge really. You could say he sucks at it. He sucks so hard that he litterally sucks cock at it. As we know only bitches and aquas sucks cocks, so by telling you he sucks cocks at it, it is telling you a lot about his skills.

One bitchy thing about all this is that he is still around. He might pop-up (pun in your face, bitch!)once in a while to post some lame ass shit of an excuse for a post.When that happens, please feel free to flame the shit out of him, while your at it, tell him how much he sucks cocks.

As i am still in the process of renovation, you guys should go back and check out his his previous post ( i even let him keep his previous lame ass post. I am damn fucking generous) like his bitch day post and titties post and flame the shit out of him.


Ah Pek said...

the ducky became a fucky,
dunno sueh or lucky,
everyday screwing somebody,
dunno what made him so angry.

Yodaddy said...

actually, ducky become sucky,
tell me 'come on baby',
everyday beats up lady,
also lose to Yodaddy.

he do things dily daly,
try to update daily,
no body come here finally,
ducky commits hara kiri.

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