Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i dont think this is going to work

i hate to admit it but nazri is right. you can protest until the lembu comes home, the price of petrol wont come down. it might have some effect, but the price is not going down. but if i'm wrong, i'll be more than glad to admit it.

you remember the movie braveheart ? (though partly historical, partly mythological) many thought it was a lousy film, many thought that matrix was a lousy film too compared to lotr. but i thought braveheart was great and matrixes was far better then lotr. anyway, william wallace was the great scottish hero. the man was full of passion to fight for scotland to free it from the tyrany of king edward 1 of england. he won a number of battles in the beginning, but eventually lost when he was betrayed by the noblemen.

you see here, the local protestors are like william, and the noblemen are not your datuk & tan sri, they dont pay taxes as well, i'm talking abt the bulk of chinese, we, the yellow coloured ppl, the major contributors to the country's economy, have more than once now been told to shut up when it concerns the islam religion. yet we just shut up and keep quite. why ?

my wife being the typical accountant, said that chinese dont care a rat ass abt the fuel price increase, we are not going to fuel a protest. what we are going to do is, if you're a businessman, you increase the price of your product, if you are salary employed, go look for another job or get a second job, she said we dont make a fuss abt it, we just work twice as hard.

and also remember this old saying by the chinese community, "we dont really care who runs the countrt, as long as we can make our money, thats fine, and of course we must still be able to gamble, drink and eat bak kut teh"

some one else told me is this "One reason could be their greater reluctance to participate because of the possiblity of having to tangle with the police". i guess may 13 still lingers on.

but as yoda puts it, may 13 happen, because bn lost some sits. and ever since that inccident, the may 13 has been like a trump card for the govt. social unrest, throw in the trump card, fuel protest, throw in the trump card. how many trump cards can you have ?

so am i saying our local nobelman will betray us ? betray no, just that they wont help. currently it look much more of a malay & indian affair, yes there was chinese, dap sec general was there, but the numbers was just minimal.

i might also get a lot of bombarding, as i might be ask, you want to go to jail huh ? you also no protest why talk so much ? you got balls you go lah. what can i say, bring it on. i wasnt born a freedom fighter, we were seldom oppress, even when we were oppress, we just look & see. but know, i was there, i saw, i witness, i felt an urge to tell as many ppl as possible, that what the authorities did even thought they felt was their best interest, was a wrong call, there was no unrest, ppl was not afraid, ppl and passers by actually cheered on the protest. there was no violence. it was a friendly protest. very friendly. even children came.

further more its not even on the paper or the news. we all saw it on free tv, how the thais protested on the street to ask the premier the resign. it's like the govt is allowed to criticise others, but when it comes to be criticised, "We don’t care what others say, we must enforce our laws" nazri said.


Yodaddy said...

This is what happens when you have a majority who acts like they are minority. Nowhere in the world is there a policy favouring protection for the majority.

Example, if in US you call some black person a Nigger, you would be rightly chided. If the Black person call a white person a redneck, no body would have give a shit.

It is completely opposite in Malaysia. The majority is protected. The govt in Malaysia is a good govt? Far from it. They cannot call themselves the Govt. They are Opportunist. They create favourable policy to appease the majority and thereby guaranteeing their stay in power.

What is the difference between BN govt and Nazi Govt?

Answer : They are both have zero morals but the BN Govt hates the jews more.

Inevitable said...

I was sitting with couple of friends at mamak just now and politic was one of the topic.

My friend put forward an interesting argument. He said that the reason why us chinese is at this stage is because of our own behavior. The older chinese generation did not fight for their right during their time. And because of that, everytime the gomen launch a new plan that benefit non one except bumi, we, non bumi can only whine silently.

I am not pointing finger at all bumi, hey if i am at their position, i wouldn't care less for the chinese or indian.