Thursday, March 23, 2006

once upon a time ago

of late ducky has not been interesting anymore nor funny even i have to admit it. other than my once a while sick joke and yoda's always sick joke, its just not humorous any more. well i'm not the only one. even kennysia is not that humorous as before. looks like something is making all of us pull our long face. the only comedy release you get is from the comment side in ducky. this just have to stop. from now on, ducky is going to be funny again. lets start. funny, i cant think of anything funny to say. funny things have to start with imagination. wild imagination. strange ideas and of course i need to be happy as well.

i know. childhood memories. lets try again.

one of my fav thing to do when i was a kid, was fishing. i fucking love to fish. it was the thrill of baiting the fish, and then pull the line just in time for the kill. then i thought it was better than sex, now i think it's just a notch below sex. we fished at those used mining pools, and usual fishes are of course the black talapia and sometimes the red talapia and sometimes even luckier a haruan, then you can make "who pau".

the red talapia are a little smarter, they seem to have graduated from the university of avoid that hook in your mouth compared to the black talapia which are stupid ass fish. its a real stupid fish i tell you. once we brought along a friend that dont really fish, so he just lepak there. we caught some fish and gave him one to play, he hook the fish back onto the line and threw it back in the pond just for fun, after a while, he noticed that there is another black tilapia swimming beside his fallen comrade, so he pull the line here and there, but notice the damn fish kept following the hooked fish, so fed-up with it, he pulled the line up, and behold two fishes on the line, the other swimming comrade somehow got caught in the other free hook. thats just how smart they are.

all fish caught are measured for their size according to standard bata slipper, we keep fishy that are size 7 above, you see, the tilapia has a big head and wide tail, so if you cut the head and tail off, its just fucking small to eat. so we measure the fish, if they are not up to our size, we throw them back into the pond, but sometimes we are not that friendly. we would fill a plastic bag with water put the fish in it, and tie back the plastic bag and threw it back into the pond, cruel ? thats not very cruel. cruel is this, we like hand size fish, once we caught hand size tilapia, we take out the ang phow, shaft it inside its big fucking mouth, light the fuse and throw, bang ! tilapia without head, bang ! tilapia without gills, bang ! tilapia with no body. bang ! nothing left at all. the funny thing is the ang phow somehow suit nicely in their mouth. it looks like a white chick gaging on a nigger's dick.

and you know what this black tilapia eats ? every evening, when the farmer is cleaning up the khinzir farm, and all the khinzir shit come flowing into the stream, its like a feeding frenzy, thats the same time the hua na lang cast their net for fishing to sell at the market. dont believe leh.

then we have some idiotic friends that like to tag along to go fishing. there is this kid that got a fishing hook stuck inside his whole thumb. imagine a hook, imagine a thumb, imagine a hook in the thumb, the only thing you can see is the thumb and the part where the hook has a hole for tie your line to. fucking stupid boy. the funny thing was, he didnt even cried, all he did was showed it to some friend, and we just ignore him, until he said, i got a fucking hook in my fucking thumb, then we notice. he went to the hospital, came back 3 hours later, with bandages wrap around his thumb. obviously i ask for my hook back, he didnt reply, but just a dark stare.


Inevitable said...

woah... i love fishing too.

angel said...

ho ho... both of u can go fishing someday ;)

waiting for the fish to bite the bait is definitely not my cup of tea... although i wouldn't mind biting something...

angel said...

but today's kennysia very ho cheou leh...who do u look like??

Yodaddy said...

ducky about kennysia pls take it from someone who thinks that your post is great and mine sucks. (now admit it ducky!)