Friday, March 24, 2006

I love my toilet

the toilet is the 5th place i hang around the most in a day. 1st being the bed, then the office, then the pc, then the tv and then my toilet.

i've got dunk before and hug the toilet bowl to sleep after puking in it or thought i was going to puke. no i dun have that picture like inevitable puking all over the floor and got someone to take a picture and showed the world and thought it was a kodak moment.

i've wake up in the morning countless time and only to find myself fast asleep sitting on the toilet bowl while believe it or not relieving myself the same time.

i've also sometimes woke up, on the shower, and fall asleep on the floor again, with the shower still running !

think of it i've slept on the road during camping trip, in a pick up truck no i wasnt hitch hiking neither was i broke back mountain, on a hospital bench my first kid was born at the selayang hospital very cheap just around rm300++ but for that whole ordeal i think i didnt sleep for abt 48 hrs, on a chair (at home), on a chair (at a shopping complex, i think it was near the kis department at metrojaya in midvalley, very comfortable), on the deck of a ship, no not a ship, those floating thing you take to redang island. i was so tired that i just slept under the sun on the front most part of that floating thingy. on the beach, on a baby pool, on the swimming bench, countless of beds, countless of floors, at office once, yes in genting after a losing session together with all the losers, somewhere on the benches i think again, at the back sit of a car, i came home one day and forgot my keys, so i slept at the back seat with windows wind down and my leg hanging out of it. in a rubber estate thats was when i was a kid during one of those scouting trips we cycled to this place and back for some chief scout exam. lights around the estate was around very early, and ppl woke up very early like 4-5 in the morning. during classes in school and college. at govt dept, and yes one of my fav, when i use to ride my kawasaki kips 150, by the way reaches a max speed of 180km/h. at that speed, everything seems to past by very freaking fast, scary but at the same time freaking "chee kek". as i was saying, when it rains i would stop below a bridge and just sleep on the bike while the wind and rain just shower in the background.

come to think of it that was the good old time.

shit forget to do the post on the sedition act, yoda you do lah, you better at farking ppl.

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