Wednesday, March 08, 2006

women day

today is the international women's day

i heard on the radio today in mix fm about this, else i also like the rest of the men one, mong char char.

they had a talk about women being abuse by their husband. i just like to comment a little bit here.

men that abuse their wifes are PUSSYS. yes thats what you ARE. its like picking a fight with the weakest opponent you can find.

remember what i said about if you vote for BN, now i'm going to tell you the same thing if you abuse your wife.

ducky for women day.


Ah Pek said...

how to self fuck in the ass hah?

Yodaddy said...

wah duck, you say alot of pussies(ys). ok quick now put some pussies pictures!

but woman are not the weakest opponent out there. try picking a fight with a baby, then woman would seem infinitely tougher!

Ok yoda's theory again...
Whichever guys put negative comments here means they're woman abusers.
whichever guy give a positive comment here means they are sissy, faggard, henpeck or being held at gunpoint by some feminist.

comments by girls would require no theory. They would probably come in bitching: (in high pitch voice " We agree with you ducky, and fuck off lah yoda" or some shits like that. si boh angel? em si? *punch*

Yodaddy said...

duck, forgot to tell you about what happen this morning.

i was here at my place, minding my own business, which is surfing porn, my colleague came over and disturb me and saying stuffs like, cannot surf porn during office hour lah, tell the boss lah, like that. My colleague is a girl lah for the record. because guys would probably just come and ask for the website and just mind their own business.

But the girl damn kacau, man. not to mention threatening my job function( surf porn) . So i have to put her down. So b4 she even leave my room, i gave her my big ass stapler. to the back of her head. and she screamed. loud enough for everone to hear. but nobodys gonna help her. the guys knows that the bitch deserve it and the girls know that if they as much as make a whimper, yoda would be all over them instead.

so back to the swollen headed colleague, i gave her a few step on the stomach before kicking her rolling away from my room. that would serve as an example to the rest of the bitches in my office.

on a final note, i support womans day or whatever it is. if no woman then no porn. if no porn, i would have to get violent with those bitches again.....

ducky said...

eh ahpek, you staple the dick to the asshole lah.

yoda, yoda, why always have to label ppl like dat one, no wonder ppl dont comment anymore, if comment also sure you anom one.

ah yor, somemore with the staple flying to the head thing, wah boh ming kniah kong. ppl trying to support anti domestic violence,

you pulak, flying staple, why not just say, you staple her to the floor, then you force her to give you bj like all those jap shows, then while she shouting in jap, you give her your 1cm longer than mine thing and suit her until you painted her face with your artwork.

how lah i want to say then, ducky for women day. apalah.

Yodaddy said...

ducky wat saysay? kisah benar lah

Inevitable said...

ducky, u dun pretend la...
using this woman's day to get female's attention... sorry i pecah your tembelang ... kaka

Yodaddy said...

ducky, dont worry about no comment. woman very cheap wan. you ask them not to comment, they will comment wan. i guarantee you will have 20 comments by 6 pm.

The reason is this lah, my bengkak headed colleague ah, this week twice already disturb me by saying i cannot surf porn. Monday only i threw the telephone at her mah. today staple lah coz telephone rosak. see! they are asking for it! either that or they are trying to destroy all my stationery and equipments in the office! chao hai, if tomorrow you dont see me commenting, it is because i threw the monitor at her!

disclaimer : i comment like this sempena womans day only. usually i will kick anyones ass no matter what gender they are.

Yodaddy said...

ducky dont worry. when those womans wake up from their afternoon nap(under the boss table), they would come and comment wan. sure can easily get at least 20 comments wan.

i wanted to make this a long comment but just now when i went to toilet, i pass through this girl, she didnt smile at me. so i came back to say what i want to say in this comment and now getting ready to go back there to kick her ass. so i stop here lah in this comment.

angel said...

yoda, u really really too much la! what's your problem, huh? tell tell! PMS ka? not enuff sex ka? apa??

duck, yea, international pussies' day... yay!

Yodaddy said...

angel, sempena woman day wat. *spinning kick at angel*

about the pms and not enough sex, this morning, there is this girl who didn't wish me good morning. so i gave her a headlock, the yoda headlock. It didnt take 1 minute for her to break down and admit that it is because of pms and no sex that makes her did not wish me this morning.

So now i am going to offer ducky and inevitable this superskill called the Yoda headlock. Guarantee to make woman tell you the truth!

Disclaimer : sempena womans day mah

Inevitable said...

what lanciao headlock so keng?

Yodaddy said...

damn keng wan. you put her in Yoda's headlock, she(only works on woman) will tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

ever wished you know whether your girl is telling the truth on whether she went out with her girlfriends or with someone else? no sweat if you know Yoda's headlock!
er..either that or you beat the shit out of her to force her to admit. i offer you a less violent method. sempena womans day wat.

ducky said...

yoda ! i dun know wat to say lah, it was suppose to be a serious post, international women's day, then you go and tell of your domestic violence behaviour in your office. how lah want to fish for votes ?
hey, maybe that girl u throw things at is a little terancat one, that's why cannot understand. maybe now not terancat also become terancat, what not with telephone and staple, next what ? your table, chair, u think u wwe izzit ?
wat headlock ? i think not headlock lah, she smell your ketiak pengsan oledi, cannot tahan. better spray with ridsect first next time.

aduh sempena hari wanita !

Yodaddy said...

heh sudahlah ducky. your this type of post what you expect? angel to comment and say "yeah *muacks* thank you!!" like that ah? must spice up a bit lah!! ask you to put pussy picture also donwan. whatever i say until now is to create awareness only lah!

ducky said...

looks like ducky is spelt as funny, so tomorrow back to bOObs. seems like nobody take me seriously lah. have become a court jester.
oi why nobody want to buy dvd from me one, no laku lah. shit yoda, u owe me rm10, pay quickly.

Yodaddy said...

i thought you give me free? oklah give you RM 10 lah. but i want the battlestar galactica also. will give you rm 30 when you give me BSG.

ducky, who the fuck would take some person named after a small animal and has a picture of a racoon as his profile picture, seriously?

angel said...

**kicks yoda back where it hurts MOST**

yoda, u really can tokkok better than patrick... *clap clap* ... go start a kok-toking blog. i challenge u and give u 6 mths to see if u could attract traffic of up to 1,000 hits/day. up to it? (sure u not up to it wan... and with you, the only thing that goes 'up' is we-know-wat)

Yodaddy said...

This is the problem with bitches. they think i am talking cock all the time. And when they find out too late (when i karate chop on their neck) they would bitch and cry(which would attract more beating).

what tok kok blog 1000 hits per day? my tok cock bout god blog gets at least 3000. i did it by threatening my bitch colleagues with whipping so as to make them to each click 500 times a day. that would make 6X500 = 3000 hits per day.

duck, anyway to check my hits in my blog got 3000 or not? if not i would have to take out my whip....

angel, what go up? faster say. dont make me use the Yoda Headlock on you!(for more information on Yoda Headlock, please look at my earlier comments)

angel said...

admit it la yoda, u just CAN'T live without us bitches! men love us. and wait till i bite you ... don't go crying to mama ...

use your Headlock technique on moi? try and see...

Yodaddy said...

I admit i love the bitch when it is the time to do the nasties. especially like it when they cannot bitch(when their mouth is preoccupied). that would be like 10% of the time only.

The other 90% of the time, well....i think i have said it in my earlier post.

You bite me? b4 you do that, let me warn you that the last bitch who tried to bite me which was just 2 hours ago,(average about 5 bitches a week. they just cant help but to get a piece of me. am i popular with the bitches or what!) got her face rearranged so much that she wont be taking pictures anytime soon!

ok just throw your neck over here and i would give you the ultimate pleasure of getting a yoda headlock.that would be something you could tell your grandchildren when you grow old. which should be in 10 years time.

duck, you see, 20 comments. remember i told you yesterday got 20 comments by 6 pm? actually should have wan. but the bitches isnt cooperating on this wan.

duck did i tell you about this girl in my office who wear damn alot of make up? i am dying to see what see looks like without one. i am going to push her head in the toilet bowl and flush a few times so i can get a good look.

sempena womans day. (it still is womans day somewhere. i think)

Inevitable said...

ganas betul ini yoda

Yodaddy said...

inevitable, only on womans day i write all this stuff. it is to create awareness only mah.