Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How the world works if there are no violence

Ducky has been saying that my post are 'evil' and that it promotes violence to woman. In which i replied who the fuck gives a shit! Really! But for the interest of the sensitivity of the assholes that reads this blog, i am gonna cut down on the violence. By some degree lah. Abit less lah.

Without violence, what can i blog about?

For a few years now, i have noticed that the bollywood actors looks a lot like our bangla labourers! I wanted to blog about it and show everyone what a genius that i am if not for some motherfucker beat me to it. I just never came around to it. what a wasted opportunity. Imagine all the controversial shit that will come to this blog! So now the first word of wisdom,


Sometimes my thought will go drifting back to the good old days when everyone is just alot nicer than now. Remember those days when someone driving in a car wants to signal that he ( a lot less woman drivers then and a lot less accidents. you do the maths) is cutting in or turning right, he rolls down the window and put out his hands and wave instead of signalling right with the car's signal light? Yeah those were the days where people have moral fibres stronger than a fiber of a hibiscus plant(to show what a genius i am. look it up if you dont believe). Come to think of it maybe the govt should abolish the probation system but still maintain the P sticker for perempuan drivers. And now how many of you have complained about people who gives you shit on the road? Now what the fuck is wrong with these people? I think they are missing the Golden rule! The rule that should be a yardstick evertime someone wants to piss another driver off. The second word of wisdom,


Now and then i read some low lifes blog just for some good laughs. The ones that usually takes the cake are those assholes that complain about their jobs being like shit. Really these are the funniest sons of bitches! They complain and complain but still stick to their jobs. What the fuck happened to principles? If you dont like it, just shove it! Why are you bitching like a bitch? Or if i am reading you correctly, why are you taking it like somebody's bitch? Now before you smarten up and blow a hole through the head of your boss ( if you dont intend to keep your job) or smarten up and go give your boss a blow job ( if you intend to keep your job) , please peruse my final words of wisdom of the post,


Ok thats it for my words of wisdom. i only give 3 because it would be the maximum that your puny brains could absorb.


angel said...

at least this sounds better but seems to me, u still hv a problem with women. did this start more than 2 decades ago?

what a pity...

assholes, you said? well, look who's talking...

mwt said...

In our society, the natural communication of aggression has broken down. We have confused violence with aggression and restrain the communicative elements of aggression while ignoring its many positive values, until its natural power becomes dammed up, naturally exploding into violence.

Violence is therefore a distortion of aggression.

Behind them you will almost always find an inhibited impulse, or many of them, that motivated you to move in some ideal direction—to seek love or understanding so idealized in your mind that it seemed impossible to achieve. Then you are left with the impulse to strike out.

Some people are only aware of, or largely aware of, impulses toward anger, because they have inhibited those natural impulses toward love that would otherwise temper what seemed to be aggressive impulses.

Yodaddy said...

Angel, youre still roleplaying the role of a clairvoyant huh?

mwt - oh i finally see the foolishness of all this rantings! your words have finally snapped me back to my senses!! excuse me while I stop breathing now because by breathing i am gonna put those microbes and bacterias in trouble.

Inevitable said...

I know I shouldn't say this but I am beginning to like yoda more than ducky ...

ducky said...

angel, still waiting for a reply.

my my what hve we got here, yoda, this guy, seems a bit loss here, unless he thinks that you meant what you wrote. i got lost in the 1st para, a duck's brain has certain limit to it. your rantings are fine, this mwt, i have no comment.

finally you admit it. you rather play backside with yoda then ducky. believe me, i'm rather relieve. since you are tidak boleh dielak, how lah to avoid being poke from behind by you.

Yodaddy said...

inevitable, its true. i am a better blogger than ducky.

angel, inevitable is a better clairvoyant than you!

ducky, inevitable is a better judge of a person than you or angel.

to eveyone else, i am a genius!

angel said...

apkniah, wa ti seow kin... kha cheh si ok tapi hor wa tam poke tiam sniah, eh sai bo? wa ci pang cin bo eng ... kamxia ...

Yodaddy said...

beh sai.

chiak sai.

lu lang gong hokkien ooi di zhi tau lu lang shiung lang beh hiau thia/kua si boh? lu shiung hokkien ooi si zhi ge enigma machine ah?

angel said...

lu la ciak sai!

ah si wa mai hor lu cai wa kong ha mik mi kia, i'll speak in greek! idiot.