Wednesday, March 01, 2006

presint is not a malay word.

its in the news now, if you havent heard it like me, since i dun buy newspaper, since i boycott all local newspaper.

there are shit in our water system.

this is worrying, since my son has been shitting around, i didnt know he shited inside the water system as well. then there is me and yoda, pissing all around putrajaya and the dewan as well. hope they dont blame us for all the shit that is going around this few days.

me and yoda peeing in putrajaya

i cant really imagine, having shit and pee water inside your water tanky or in the water system. it's like playing fear factor brownie at home. you turn on the shower, you open your mouth, then shitty things come dropping from the shower head and into your mouth. the winner is of course the bugger that can swallow the most shit & pee or the bugger that can tahan all the parfume smell. not funny ah ?

so now have to pay indah water to wash our tank as well ?

you know since independence our gomen have been changing street names from their colonial names to local names, reason given, to shed the jajahan image. i never really agree to the bullshit the gomen tell us. the gomen always think we are like kampung folks, believe whatever they tell us.

anyway, while i was pissing away in putrajaya, i realised that putrajaya is divided into sections by presint. last i check, presint is not even a malay word, does not even exist either. there is of course precinct in english. somemore this is going to be the gomen hq, the very gomen that changed all colonial street names to local names, suddenly decide to call its hq by fancy english names, presint. actual malay word for this is halaman or lingkungan. of course if you use either one of those words it wont be canggih anymore lah. even funnier, if you check the addresses of putrajaya offices, some spell precinct as presint (this does not exist) or precint (this is wrong)

pak lah precinct is colonial word lah, you sure you pass your english paper ah ?

double standard ? of course, it goes back to the mohammed caricature case, chinese paper tergantung, sarawak tribune tergantung, tv3 & tv2, no action.

that is why we must always FUCK MALAYSIA as hard as we can.


Yodaddy said...

have to clarify some other things. this picture is not to might have done you justice but not me. i am at least 1 head taller than you, both the heads.

about the shit and pee thingy, what do you think? is there a conspiracy so that when the bill to privatise is passed, we will get clean (relatively) water. Right now, because got so much opposition to the privatisation, they let everybody eat shit lah.

angel said...

tsk tsk tsk...politics again...

and oooo...what d'ya know...the presint word sudah can be found on pg. 1231 of the latest edition of kamus dewan...but of course, you and you don't give a damn, kan?

btw, yoda red head?? oooooo...LOL!
love the comic! itik, awak memang berbakat!!!

ducky said...

my kamus is 1989, so no presint. i actually give a damn. because it shows malay word real fuck tup one, where can cincai translate precinct to presint, no originality at all, why not just call halaman or lingkungan as it should be.

yes yoda, i forgot to mention that you are 1cm taller, longer & wider overall.

Yodaddy said...

of course ducky associate the devil with me. so he always imagine i have a burning hair or something like that!

Also who gives a &*&% about what is inside kamus dewan? they could and should have melayukan the whole english language so we dont need to guess whether they have certain things in their vocabulary or not.
But your knowledge of language is impressive. can challenge my knowledge in religion already!

Inevitable said...

i am not surpise presint is in kamus dewan.
later they will even include the barang lembut (software) and barang keras(hardware) in the kamus.
You know that word 'download', it is fuckingly called muat turun in bm
imagine lecturer telling this to their student," Tolong saya muat turun batang lembut ini" ...
really MCH!

p.s. ducky and yoda, do not fight ... my kkc the longest here

ducky said...

batang lembut ? your one lembut not ours, long but lembut oso cannot use, like ahpek say, old but reliable, slow but still can use.
i think u F9 yer BM paper lah, software is perisian komputer.

angel said...

wah, itik, BM awak memang terror... yr BM A1 ka??