Thursday, March 23, 2006

the hua na lang is lazy

you read that survey conducted by some ppl, about malaysian tolerance with each other ? well its not surprising, if you are then you must have been living overseas most of your life.

the survey showed that, the majority people concluded the following, i wont go into details of percentage & all.

1. the hua na lang are fucking lazy. i totally agree with that. i work in a accounting firm, so i deal with the cheng hu lang all the time. the roc, the lhdn, the custom, the stamp duty, jkr, dbkl, etc. there is one malay chap at pgrm stamping office, he read his papers during work and if its your turn for him to assess your valuation, and if he is reading his paper, you better wait for him to finish his article, else you'll get fucking from this guy.

2. the teng lang are fucking greedy. i also agree with this. i have not gotten a single increment nor bonus for the pass 3 years. every year they say no fucking money. but that does not stop them from acquiring properties, doing office renovation, buying computers, hiring new staff, everything under the sky other than give you a raise or a bonus.

3. the kay neh nah are a fucking distrustful lot. this i also agree but i would like to add that this also apply to all the other fucking races as well. the kay neh nah are this way, because they are being left out by the cheng hu. so to get even and get at par with the rest of the races, they scam their way through to the top. cant blame them for this, everyone seems to be stepping on them all the time.

personally as a chinese, i dislike all races including my own, no especially my own. because it's always money, money, money and more money. when the chinese pay for something he expect fucking 1st class service. they are the no. 1 double parkers, which i fucking hate. i always wish i drive a fucking 18 wheeler and i'll just bang kau every single car that is double park, especially all those rich motherfucking cars. and the worse part about the teng lang is that they are survivors, price increase, all they are going to do is crap abt it in the coffee shop. thats all. street rally ? they will tell waste of time. just work harder and earn more money. this is the time when the hua na lang is the most cherished, fighting for what you believe in. or just looking for a fight, which the kay neh nah are also font of doing.

conclusion ? i am waiting for a may 13 to happen again one of this day, and i believe this time its going to be different, its going to be all for your self. the gap of those that are rich and those that are poor is getting wider all the time. when may 13 happen again, it'll a malaysia armageddon.


Yodaddy said...

With your may13 mentioned here, who will dare to comment. other than me or maybe inevitable and angel, i dont think anyone will comment here lah.

usually i kill off your comments by putting my own seditous shit here. today it seems, you have done a pretty good job your self.

ducky said...

this is not the original post, the original post got fucked up before i could save it, so i just post something short. and being pissed because i didnt saved, i put that may 13 thingy inside it. no comment i'm used to that already.