Thursday, March 09, 2006

bOObs II

since bOObs I did not attract much comment, let me try bOObs II.

you know where i got those demi moore pictures from ? its from this superb site which i'm going to give you here, now. it's not a porn site, so you sicko hamsup low can go fuck your self in the ass now, you know one mah, what else i'm going to say.

its a site which tries to archive as many celebrities in nude scences either from now or back then with ursulla something in her so call thong in dr. no izzit, i cannot remember. its a powerful site and the amount of celebrities they have there is huge, its a large archive. of course its not free, but of you only preview the pictures, then its free, the paying part is if you want to download the clips or scenes then you pay by byte size. i dunno how it works as i never tried it before, why need when you can get it free from P2P.

the archive is alphabetical of course and everyday they add in new ones, like 5-10-20, depends.

you'll be surprise to find a lot of actress there. and this are not fake pictures ok, they are real.

sandra bullock ? yes ! cameron diaz ? yes anymore ? u need to check it yourself then.

so go enjoy


Yodaddy said...

ok ducky. i am willing to bet that there would be no more than 10 comments for this post!

and whoever that comments is super hamsup!!!!

Inevitable said...

Boo Boo Boo
lame post
*run away*

ducky said...

now i know pps only got two hamsup ppl, u & yoda. i cannot be label as hamsup as i'm the one that post it.
lame post ah ? ok tomorrow i do one to suit MU, ok or not ?
hidup liverpool !

angel said...

eh duck, boring lar this b00bs least lar do some boobies review...apalah...