Friday, March 31, 2006

rm1.30 for leong sui ? fuck no !

just in case you dont know, this is barley

and this is tebu/sugar cane, when u boil it u get chok che

personally to pay rm1.30 for a glass of leong sui is just too much lah. come on lah, in just water, sugar & whatever leaves/flowers/seeds and you boil it over like an hour or so. and furthermore its so diluted.

from today onwards i'll carry a bottle of mineral water to all coffee shop when i eat my chak fun, cause i think it is far too ridiculous to pay rm1.30 for a glass of barley/kok far/chok cher or whatever. the maths for this is just simply mind boggling.

this is one of the characteristic of a typical chinese that i hate the most. dont tell me about surviving. what abt me ? i'm just an employed salary worker. my pay is fucking fix, it does not get adjusted when basic ecnomic 101 items are increase. who the fuck is going to pay for my little extra, which once accumulated will come to quite an amount.

i'm not going to even beg for them to lower their price or bargain or haggle for a price of leong sui. i'm just not going to drink it. thats all. and one more thing.


come on bring it on, i'll take all kind of blows, but i'm not paying rm1.30 for leong sui or even rm0.50 for shit char. and dont get me started on shit char.


Wingz said...

yea mch half kilo of dried herbs can make 300 kilos of leongsui! sommo tomorrow can reboil the herbs again!!! RM1.30 is like daylight robbery liow!!! thanks to the fule hike la!!! MCH!

ducky said...

terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada yang berbahagia kerana sudi datang ke ducky sambil menjenguk-jenguk di sana sini. ribuan terima kasih.

Wingz said...