Thursday, March 30, 2006

why not close all the pig farms in the country

actually i hope the farking govt closed all the pig farms in malaysia. yes i am very serious. a couple of reason for this actually.

1. these farking pig farmers are farking rich, and i know for sure they dont pay i single dime in taxes. yes a lot of hard work, but they are farking rich.

2. as all typical chinese, they dont give two fark what happen outside their pig ass farm, so what if they pollute the farking river or the environment, fark they care. as long as their farking pig farm is clean and spanking and they make stinking lots of money, its farking fine.

3. this is the main reason. hopefully, with the closure of the pig farms, the chinese will finally stand up to the hwa na lang authorities and tell him to go fuck off. yes tell them to fuck off because you dont eat pork, and just because you dont eat pork, that does not necessary mean you can shut down our pig farm.

4. and if no. 3 wasnt enough, with all the pig farms eradicated, price of the khinzir will definitely be more expensive to buy and to consume. this will anger the pork eating consumers as they now have to fork out extra bucks just to buy them.

so with no. 3 & no. 4 in place, the chinese community (hopefully) will finally stage a nationwide protest to the govt of their unhappiness. and if the bn non-muslim component parties still cannot support them, then its really a waste of time to vote for them in the next general election.

but what if the chinese ppl say, never mind lah, just eat chicken only lah.

i wont be surprise.

and i'll just change my name to abdullah ducky. tiu.


Anonymous said...

hai~ awesome blog~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5xmom said...

Choy...kenot, then my pig's blog mah have to close down oso?

jon nazir said...

Let's fight for our right.. to eat pork or whatever the hell we want.

Yodaddy said...

If you ever seen an IRB officer driving a Merc, you can be sure it comes from pig farmers. It is an open secret that IRB demands a Merc from pig farmers when they are being investigated. And dont forget pig farmers have close connection to the ruling power.

the only thing i can read from all this is that the govt is out to make some big bucks. with the closure of some(not all) pig farms, the remaining ones will be a monopoly. It is so much more simple to demand that the monopoly pays a certain amount to their credit suisse account every month.

ducky said...

so at the end of the day there will not be any participants from the chinese community to protest i guess.

anom - hai awesome comment.
5xmom - you got piggy blog one ah ? i dun know lah.
jon nazir - lets fight for our right, our right to eatttttt pork.

i see yoda, so if mca come with guns blazing when they start closing down piggy farms, then we know for surelah.
so what is not related to BN huh ? cd/vcd/dvd sellers ?

Yodaddy said...

DVD and vcd are all related to BN. maybe those VHS tapes are not anymore.

what i am trying to say is that they have extremely good business sense. For every decision they make, there will be ways for them to benefit. Remember ducky, i was involved in the korean side of twin towers. It was there that my eyes was opened to the ingenius ways for them to makan money.