Monday, March 27, 2006

lets stop paying taxes

you know what ? chinese are the main contributors to the govt coffers. yes we are. for all that we give, what do we get in return ? yes nothing. zilch. its like working for ten years without leave and you finally want to go to watch world cup 2006 in germany, your boss tell you, "if you go, dont come back"

doesnt that pissed you off ? well that's what encik nazri told us. non-muslim dont fuck with islam, i'll fuck you up real good. come on, is that how you talk to a race that pay your salary ? the man got no respect.

you know what ? we should all stop paying taxes. yes stop paying taxes. i thought you go to jail for that ? no you dont. you're an individual, you are not a company. they are very linient with us. we should take advantage of that, since anyway they are still holding our excess money with them.

you should know this by now, its self assessment, so that mean you write whatever figures you like, and you dont enclosed your receipts or any documents for that matter.

so you add back every single reasonable allowances allowed, and you claim for a refund. if they want proof then, said you lost it or whatever, then if they need to add it back, make a scene and finally agree with them. that should save you at least 3-4 months before they start to process your file.

then when they have re-calculated your tax, they will sent you a JA form, which is a amended form J. dont pay yet, wait till they give you a final reminder letter to pay your taxes, which is normally a pink letter, with some court threatening words and a 14 day grace period. now you pay ? no fucking shit yet, you appeal, waste another month, appeal rejected, ask to pay in installment, that would take a week or two. so overall, you either get a refund or pay the balance of your taxes very much later, maybe 6 months later.

one more thing, please make sure you make a photocopy of all documents lodged with the income tax office.

and lastly, dont sent by hand, sent by mail. that way, it'll take even longer for them to process your case. it'll get somewhere, before actually given to the right person to process it.

but if you want a refund, sent it in personally to the direct person in charge, and call them every single day. soon enough, you'll receive your refund.

for the rest of you who dont have a tax file. dont bother. if you dont have a file, why do you need to pay ? buying a house ? use your ea form or letter from your employer, it will suffix.

dont pay taxes.


angel said...

sure bo? u don't be NATO leh...

ducky said...

very the sure, they dont penalise individual, unless very the necessary. dun believe ? try and see, then tell me in june.

Inevitable said...

wooo hooo!!!
me likezzzz thizzzz pozzzttttt

ducky said...

glad you liked it, check out "how to fill up your income tax return form the ducky way" if you have not, and get a tax refund. remember "berkhidmat untuk sendiri"