Monday, March 27, 2006

phak chew

everybody lets give a round of applause to those 22 ppl that got arrested for yesterday peaceful rally.
they had the balls and the courage to stand for what they believe in and be arrested at the same time.
you have our respect and honour. we salute you. everybody phak chew, phak chew.

and for those of you innocent bystanders just like me, just continue to do so, as your presence there alone is enough to aggitate the authorities. we did nothing wrong, as we all came individually or were just passing by when we saw all this commotion and decided to look see look see. if that is wrong, i have nothing to say.

newsflash, from malaysiakini Minister: Zero tolerance for fuel protests . looks like everytime they got some bad news for us, this nazri will announce it, think of it if you drop the r from his name he is a freaking nazi then, not surprise right ?


Yodaddy said...

pak chew cheng lah!

FRU's going around hantam people, what do they gain? Hazard pay perhaps.

People getting arrested. What they get? political mileage i suppose.

But seriously how the fuck does 30 sen per litre upset anyone?

Why are the same people not offended when govt does some bail out or siphon the money to its cronies?

Why at that time got no protest?

So the next rally, lets hope it is not some fuel protest rally. Rather it is the rally to ask AAB and/or NTR to stepdown. Then we can prove to everyone that our FRUs are more highly trained in close combat then Delta Forces or Navy Seals.

ducky said...

you see when the money is being siphon by the cronnies, it is not a direct impact on the ppl. petrol price goes up even as little as rm0.30, every fucking thing in malaysia goes up. so protest lah ! of course you know that, just want to ask stupid question.

what you think would happen if the fru bad boys whack you and you whack kau him back huh like kick his nuts ?

i think u die lah.

so let me understand this, the fru can whack you with his baton, but you cannot whack him, as this would be pukul polis right ? what kind of fairness is this ? i'll post abt this tommorow.

Anonymous said...

Talk about short memories. Remember those 'reformasi' demonstrations in 1998? What did you think they were in aid of?

ducky said...

isnt that for the black eye incident thingy ?
cars burning and public property destruction, not cool.

desiderata said...

Applause, applause.

Let those who don't have the guts pls stay silent;
other like Dr Hatta even took his daughters along to show their conviction...
If you can't give your moral support,
Keeop your F..king gap SHUT!

PS: I've been there, I've writ about those scenario, including the Reformasi demos -- it's similar in mtovation - Ducky, you 2 pls NOTE! -- it;s a cause for CHANGE!

Same as now -- CHANGE the status quo!
A: men
to Keep Hatta and likeminded Malaysians who walk the talk,
Have faith. God Bless!

ducky said...

not all of us are like dr. hatta, sir, we dont have the courage nor the heart to be prosecuted.
best some of us can do is to blog about it and hope a hero can rose among the thorns to be our savior.
yes we both understand the similarity, we heard the chants "reformasi", just like yoda, i would like to know what trigger the protest after 6 years ?
and god bless you too.