Sunday, March 26, 2006

klcc fuel protest

anyone went there ? klcc 10am ? i was there. just in time for the official release of the black balloons.

anyway i was there smack in klcc to catch the protest in action as an innocent bystander only, unfortunately. malaysia kini reported 1,500 ppl, i'm not so sure about that figure, actual ppl marching along with the banners and chanting the slogans are around 100 ppl or less. 1,500 ppl present in klcc, maybe yes.

i thought i could do it, join among the protestor, but as soon as i came out of the klcc putra station, and i saw the numbers of fru present, my balls shrunk to peanuts. maybe i'm just a coward, maybe you need to be there, to feel the atmosphere.

anyway, i didnt take a lot of pictures, as i wasnt standing very near to the action, i was actually standing near some policemen with machine guns that look like those in gta san andreas. i thought it was safer. when the protestors started to march towards where i was, i change position, i went to where all the fru trucks were park. i thought if any shit happen, i would just jump smack in the truck ! sound crazy. but that was what i thought.

let me tell you about the fru from my observation. this is the first time in my whole life that i saw a fru up close and in person. i kinda think the fru has three separate entities. one is the officers, two is the no brainers with the baton in hand and shields, they look like your first infantry troops that you would sent out in any pc game battles. and lastly the fru bad boys.

this fru bad boys are shit frightening. there seems to be about ten of them i think. they are huge, loud mouth mother fuckers, and they can really kick ass. their tone and their expression plus that swinging baton, can make you shit in your pants. i was there when they ask all the innocent bystanders to fuck off, i was shit terrified. i just ran across the street. they are like as if the fru kept them lock up in dark cages, underfed, being kick around all the time, you no what i'm saying, ppl that you abuse. then once in a while, you let them go out and they are terrifying. thats what they are, imagine that nz haka ritual face, thats how they look like. plus imagine the scariest time when someone fucked you and multiply that by 10. thats how terrifying they are.

heard this when one of the innocent bystanders ask a policeman on duty this.

man : datuk nak tangkap kita semua ke ?
cop : kalau salah tangkap lah
man : kita ini berhimpun secara aman
cop : ini malaysia lah
man : u pun gaji tak berapa, takkan you setuju harga minyak naik
cop : did not answer
man : habeh kalau tak boleh buat protest, nak buat apa ?
cop : tulis surat

i thought it was a very good answer, for a man in his situation.

later the kentucky derby came ! yes ! fru on horses. they were holding longer baton, which actually just look like a broom stick. it was the manner which they held the broom stick. just like a knight preparing for jousting. had a couple of pic though.

preparing for the kentucky derby

i didnt know they had group jousting

overall from what i saw as far that i could, the protestors were peaceful, all they did was chant and shouted slogans, nothing else, nobody broke any public properties, nobody burn any flag, nobody brought any weapons that i know off. it was a peaceful demonstration. some even brought family, wife, children and grandparents. it was peaceful. the only party that wasnt peaceful was the fru, police and any other enforcement officer that was there. there was no call for arrest, no need to chase after demonstrators or innocent bystanders, and no need to let loose the water canon. yes the water canon was flying in every direction, they were watering the plants, washing the klcc glass windows, the tarmac and of course relieving the crowd of their thirst. it's apparent the authorities see any sort/form of protest or demonstration other than BN as a nuisance. and as a nuisance they will use any force necessary to eradicate that nuisance even by force.

any actual police brutality i saw ? i didnt actually see any fru personnel whack kau anybody. but i heard they did, but i did see this. traffic police slapping innocent bystander expecially malay kids on motorbike, that stop to see the commotion. yes, they got slap at the back of their head with gloves on hand. this kids didnt do anything. all they did was stop their bike, and look see, look see. then came the police and ask them to balik, so they start their bike and before they could even move, whack! slap the back of the head. some was even talked to very harsh, as if they had no fucking right to be there.

another observation i saw was, there are a lot of police personnel in plain clothes, standing with the crowd. they didnt do anything, but just stand there observing. any chinese knows, we say they have "soi yong". they werent just looking at something, but scanning around. or maybe they are....

another observation, was, maybe i'm wrong, but i dont think so. the number of chinese that attended the protest was minimal either as a supporter or as an innocent bystander. so their percentage was small. i notice the authorities only harras malay & indian, not chinese, i could be wrong, but maybe not. i was standing just there quite beside the bike where he got smack in the head. they didnt even look at me. guess they didnt want to get into trouble with micheal chong later on.

lastly not to judge, but i think it could have been better. the protestor werent organized, maybe not everyone like to be hauled up by the police, neither do i. its just that there was around 100 fru, plus some another 50-60 cops. abt 12 fru trucks, 3-4 police trucks and 2 water canons. thats not a lot. compared to 1,500 so claimed. if 1,500 organized ppl were to lets say form a human shield, 150 fru + cops + water canon, wont be able to stop, how much water does a water canon truck hold ? do the maths, once you cornered a a handful of fru with like a crowd of 50, its like picking candy from a kid. yes i know the water canons are spiked water. mixture of water & acid i was told. you get itchy all over. then get near to the truck, disable the wires or something like that, remember 1,500 ppl. easier said than done. i know. we are malaysians, we are peaceful ppl. what can i say, i'm one of them sometimes. just remember that show "the last castle" how robert redfort took down a prison with some careful planning. also i noticed the fru seems to be sound motivated. but of course they have eyes on the sky. with proper planning, it would have been better.

so it seems fru 3, protestors 0.

it was a good experience overall, better than my formula 1 experience. that i can bet.



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ducky said...

i have already expected no one to comment, as i notice other than me, only shagadelica, ktemoc and reporttosaadon blog on this subject. and they have no comments as well. only ktemoc have, which i think is like a yoda & ducky thing.
i cannot eat curry rice lah, got stomach ache, how ? gor chicken rice or not ? i want "siow yoke kay yee tow" + thong + liong sui .

Yodaddy said...

got. if you dont mind eating some birds which had caught a cold.....

got stomach ache nevermind, because got pil chi kit.

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