Friday, December 01, 2006

why ppl still vote for BN

yes, why do ppl still vote for BN.

they never kept their promises. they lie. they squandrel all you tax payers money for their own pleasure. they go for holidays to places you can only dream off with your money. then every 4-5 fives, they come and visit you and ask for your support, and you gladly support them.

why, why do ppl still vote for something they dont believe in.

i guess it has nothing to do with believe. believe its just a fairy tale story. ppl continue to do so because they have no choice.

not everyone lives in a city like KL or penang or JB or even shah alam for that matter. they live in small township with maybe 4 streets. like kampar, bidor, tapah, gopeng, sitiawan, lumut, (sorry i hail from perak).

but look at this small town nowadays. its not small anymore. its quite large now.

then sitiawan was only famous for its kg. koh. now sitiawan has practically all the banks in malaysia. kampar, the only thing i remembered was its 3 streets and the chicken biscuit, now unitar is there. and i bet there are many more towns like that. even my home town taiping has grown rather large now, with some residential houses costing RM1 million, so i was told.

without the BN this township would never has grown.

just take salak south, i remembered they re-tarred the road some years back because of some formal function. and the ppl there said it must have been at least 50 years since they last re-tarred the road.

and another obvious reason is the may 13 incident.

personally not being there in 1969 i must say i have no say in this incident and all those that werent there should also have no say in it. if you read abt it, it just sound half bad. even the papers then were already practising censorship. but if you were to ask any chinese that was there k.l. in 1969, you would definitely get a very gross picture. i was told they burn ppl in the cinema. torch them alive.

my guess ppl that live through that incident wont like to talk abt it nor would it like to repeat itselves. best option, vote for the BN or dont vote at all.

so does all this means to vote for pak lah ?

this is what i can say,
in salak south there is a MCA hall. and there is a kindergarden organised by the MCA, most of the residents in salak south sent their kids there and they attend any function held by the MCA, normally free makan. but when election comes, all the votes goes to DAP, every single time.


dalliance said...

Don't make the mistake of buying into BN's bullshit. Even though I know you're obviously not a supporter of BN, but you yourself have bought their snake oil. You believe their PR spin - that BN equals development, that BN equals peace.

Nonsense. Any party that promises peace, stability and a capitalist economy have a a chance to bring the country peace and development. PAS, Keadilan, DAP - despite their differences - are all 100% for those things.

The fact is, development is at the whim of the global markets. The boom years of the early 1990s - was that really something that Mahathir and BN so magically conjured for Malaysia? Or was it sheer coincidence that during those years, foreign investors happen to flock to Southeast Asia and Indonesia and Thailand ALSO happened to have their boom years in the exact same period (Singapore was already way ahead in appealing to foreign - i.e. western and japanese - investors)? The point that Malaysia that is so much more advanced than Thailand and INdonesia doesn't acknowledge the difficulties of Thailand and Indonesia who were handicapped by having much much much larger populations, and no British-style education enforced by a colonial power.

What happened to BN = development in 1997-98? The fact is when foreign investors want to pull out, they don't give a shit who's in power, they're just looking out for themselves. The BN government was helpless to do anything.

BN DOES NOT equal development.
BN DOES NOT equal peace.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, you know who is the beneficiary of those developments? The buildings are most probably built by Umno´s building contractors and upkeep by MCA´s landscape/gardening contractors.

In other words, BN does not do developments. at best, development is a wanted/unwanted side effect of BN trying to do their business.

All they do in their state exco meetings and the cabinet meetings are discussing how to plunder the country. It´s a big project. they must have spent countless hour in meeting about how the 3 companies merger will benefit them.

ducky said...

damn i sounded too naive on this post.
saying typical BN things, like development with BN or nothing at all.
maybe i got a little too carried away there. cause i do understand that everything that BN builts is primarily for making money for themself, which is why development in tincan county was much slower than like say the koreans or japan or even singapore for that matter.

but there is still a logic that if that state is still under opposition ruling no way they are going to built any damn thing there right ? as the opposition is only going to benefit from that so call development. which is what i was trying to explain but somehow failed. it cannot be that kelantan and terengganu are not desirous to be develop right ?

as to the peace thing, as much as i want to believe you dalliance, it cannot happen in malaysia. the day that BN losses, chaos and rioting will be the order of the day. no way will BN forgo all its accumulated wealth since independence and just throw it away in the name of democracy.

Dek Mat said...

ducky actually you make a good point. Sometimes I wish the opposition can recruit more good candidates that I would actually vote for.

I say the same for BN candidates too. I rarely vote along party lines because there is no one party that carry ALL my ideals thru.

Short if making my own political and running myself, I spoil my votes in protest...