Friday, December 08, 2006

if we were more socially concern the 3 brothers wont be dead

funny, i cant seem to stop thinking of the 3 brothers that died last week.

it kinda stuck in my head, which made me think why nobody help them. not financially but emotionally.

why didnt anyone care enough, to look into thier plight. why didnt anybody came and see when the kids was suffocating to death ? its not a bungalow, its a freaking low cost flat, the walls are razor thin, shouting and all sorts of commotion normally attracts ppl.

i'm sure the parents has quarrel before. heated arguments no doubt. its normally loud and threats are occasionally made. why didnt anyone care ?

sometime ago, a family that live a floor down from mine, was quarelling rather loud, too loud for all concern neighbour, some of us came down and to our surprise, the father was holding a knife, while the rest of the family was huddling to one corner of the hall. the man made no attempt to hurt anyone, but he didnt look like an angel either. soon we call the guards and with the help from some elderly couples, the man drop the knife. some time after they moved out.

as much as asians are suppose to be friendly ppl, but whenever there are issues concerning family matters, most ppl shy away claiming that its non of our business as it concern family.

put it this way, if some ppl were to be more concern that day, that 3 boys would not be dead, yes the parents might hate you but the innocents are saved.

come to think of it my new neighbour seems to shout at their kids a lot, and the kids would beg the parents not to whack them, maybe i should call social wallfare. before its too late...


Anonymous said...

Yes totally agree with you. Our society now has become too self centered. Everyone is just looking out only for themselves and heck cares about others. How many times have u heard about people being rob at broad day light with people on the street but no ones lend a helping hand ? Is it due to our education that my our society this way or is it human instint for not helping.. One way or another the sad incient of the three kids will not be the last we hear and I bet we will not see any changes in everyone attitude in making this world a better place. Sometimes I wonder is we that far away from hell or we are actually living in it just that we never know....

angel said...

what u waiting for??

ducky said...

yes anom, we have become rather self centered, just take a look at the way we drive. its all about us us us.
day light robbery without anyone helping is indeed the worst we have become. re-education that might take another 50 years in the making. a 9-11 is what the country needs. thats when the human caring side re-appear when all things have fail.

angel, its an example dear,