Friday, December 29, 2006

now i understand why BOK house got torn down

at first i was shock that the BOK house was actually torn down.

i mean it did look nice, but some mother fucker said it had no historical value just some rich man's house.

during christmas, i balik kampung in taiping, and the house where my late great grandmother was staying has been sold.

the old house was rather old as well, not sure how old, maybe 70 years ? known to many as "KOTA" house along simpang road.

the relative sold the house as it was some kind of financial burden i guess.

i guess unlike our 'ah moh' brethen, a financial burden is a financial burden. irespect whether it has any historical value or not.

so which is why i can understand why the BOK house was torn down, if our own family houses are being torn down, what do you expect of other ppl family ?


Yodaddy said...

so, what was the reason it was torn down? burden to the owners?

should we wait and see when will some well connected person build some skyscrapper in place of Boks house?

ah pek said...


may the pig year bring you more satisfaction!!

ducky said...


a sky scrapper is as sure as the sun rises from the east.

happy new year to you too ah pek ! and remember to vote agaist BN.