Wednesday, December 06, 2006

there has been much talk in the neighbourhood abt that couple that killed their 3 sons.

it is difficult to understand how someone can actually kill off their own off springs. not an unborn child, not a few hours child, but a fully grown 8,10 & 12 year old kid, with a total combine of 30 years between them. in which you actually feed them and care for them once ago. now nothing.

to actually look them in the eye and to convince them that it was for the best, make them drink bleach and rat poison, then watch them suffocate and suffer before dying slowly right in front of their very eyes. taking a sword or shooting them with a pistol would be much less painful, but to actually cause slow painful death under your watchful eyes is just plain hitler.

its cruel and in-human for parents to commit such hideous crime, as you must understand that young children look up to their parents for guidance and love. and to have such parents to convince them that death is the only solution, its parenting 101 gone 100% wrong.

the only punishment these animals deserve is life sentence, hanging or shooting (i dont think we have that in malaysia) them will be too easy. lethal injection would also recommended. but a life sentence without parole would be the best, as they must now live out their eternal life knowing very well that they themself killed off their own children, not the ah long or other family members or relatives. and how do you recover from such dramatic experience, i have no fucking idea, and for the mother i wont be surprise if she kill herself.

so does this mean the parents deserve to die now ?

that is not for us to decide, if we decide that, than we are no different from them, as the parents decide to play god and murder their own children.


Anonymous said...

And they say you shouldn't hit a woman.

If their mother is in front of me now I will torture her and give her a slow death.

I'll fucking mutilate her!

ducky said...

come come shadowfox we are all civilised ppl.
killing her will only lessen her agony.
maybe you should hope for immortality.
"who wants to live forever" - queen (highlander ost)

Anonymous said...

yeah, killing the mother will not make any different. Better to let her live in grief for the rest of her life. Then again it's kinda wasting our tax payer money to feed such scum in the prison.