Friday, December 15, 2006

we should all terminate our streamyx account

finally it has happen to me, after reading countless letters and post of disgruntle streamyx customer, my streamyx has finally failed on me. after slightly over a year, with hardly any problem and after downloading for more than 330Gb, my streamyx P2P is currently trickling at 3Kb.

plus my previous post on whether paying over RM1,000 for downloading all sorts of shit is worth it, it all come down to this. if this 3kb continues, i will definitely cancelled my streamyx. i will of course call up the 1-300 no. and give my shit to them before terminating my service. yes i will emphasize that the only purpose i got streamyx was to download via p2p, if you cant deliver i'm not subscribing.

there is astro anyway. heroes might come, maybe later, prison break season episode 14, i'll have to wait. battlerstar galactica 3, later as well. and i'm only paying RM50 for astro compare to RM90.

and lastly, no thanks to pak lah hush hush to the daily media on the toll increase,



Yodaddy said...

3kb d/l..streamyx traffic shaping maybe. tried to randomise your port and encrypt? when i am getting <10kb i usually just randomise the port...then can get >30kb.....

because of naik tol, transportaion cost increases,
because transportation cost increase, price of goods increase,
because price of goods increase, inflation naik,
because inflation naik, standard of living turun,

i personally dont get tolled in my everyday commute to work, but i know i would get fucked anyway as my teh tarik and chicken rice would naik harga soon!

ducky said...

randomising port, i will give it a go.

last petrol hike has made food cost RM0.50 more, this toll rates increase will definitely see another increase of between RM0.20-RM0.30.