Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dressing down in kelantan

Once again, the kelantan msp are making headlines again.

And whenever they are making local headlines, you can be sure its something on making a women life more difficult in kelantan.

From separate payment counter to banning traditional dances, the kelantan govt has practically done everything to convince the world that it is the least eye popping place on earth. Its like a direct opposite if you were ever to stroll down the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

But honest to god, I don’t know what is the real issue here as most of the grumbles I hear is from here not kelantan.

Yes I am not from kelantan and I do not know the culture well there as well, but neither do you. Maybe most kelantanese actually like the idea. Less provoking outfit.

I don’t really see a big issue here. ask youself this question, would you like your daughter to dress to kill ? or your husband to ogle at scantily dressed women, well do you ?

So what if the kelantan gamen requires women to dress down, no life is lost, no sacrifice is required, actually it does more good than any harm.

human rights ? well some ppl might agree that it is that human rights not to see scantily dressed women.


Neo said...

No life in kelantan :)

Robin Goodfellow said...

"We apologise to non-Muslims if this comes across as harsh but we must respect our Asian culture and religion in public."

State Local Government Committee chairman, Takiyuddin Hassan
The Star, 5 Dec 2006, Page N6

My dear Mr. Takiyuddin. Please excuse me for saying what that needs to be said; Shove your so-called Asian culture and religion up your ass.To the Non-Malay Non-Muslims, do not let this Mr. Takiyuddin confuse you by attempting to associate Islamic laws with Asian Cultures and Religions; thus hiding his true intentions, which is to slowly introduce Islamic laws via means of deception. I wonder whether he would have approved of Polyandry, which is practised in isolated places in Tibet, or the Consumption of alcoholic beverages such as tuak or tapai for Officiating Ceremonies. Asian cultures also, no doubt. First, these pig-headed religious bigots will attempt to appeal to your worries by claiming that they are as concerned as you are regarding issues of the lowest common denominator; for example in this case, skimpily clad women who are perceived as uncovered meat. Oh, dear! Good for you, good for me! Feels good, Mighty good!

Probably as a parent, you would agree with him. And as a husband, you would support him. Or as a concerned brother, you applaud his approach. All of you might even think he truly speaks for all races and religions, nay, even a Purveyor of Universal Morality. Hallelujah! ( =P ) Pfah! Caveat Emptor. To buy into his (and his ilk) arguments and attempts to confuse the issue will leave the Non-Malay Non-Muslims to further Marginalisation. Habeas Corpus. Witness the dearly departed Rayappan Anthony's corpse being fought over like uncovered meat laid out on an Australian street. Do I even have to bring up Corporal Moorthy's mouldering corpse in order to convince Non-Malay Non-Muslims? If they won't even relent over dead bodies, what makes Non-Malay Non-Muslims think that these, err, people will concede to the concerns of living bodies?

The only way to resolve this so-called 'moral' quandary (?!?!?!) issues is to sit down together and to come up with a mutually agreed upon set of guidelines or approaches. The worse is to to read ad-verbatim from the Arabian Nights and claim that the Quran says it is so! Yes, Non-Malay Non-Muslims, you can actually best this religious bigots in their own game by merely reading the original version of Arabian Nights, and wallah, you are good to go as an unquestioned Leader In Universal Morality. Might even be qualified to issue a Fatwa or two, like those in India where it can bought for a couple of rupees, if you so desire. Perhaps Mr. Takiyuddin have forgotten that a form of dress code, akin to those practised by Mc'Ds or KFC, could be applied to this case; and without resorting to a scrullious fine or the marketing of the burqa. And to mitigate any form of any extraordinary expense that might be borne by the restaurant owners, they could refer to kitchen and server apparels commonly available in the market. Do us all a favour, Mr. Takiyuddin and other like-minded Hamadryas Baboons of Bani Quraish, stop reading the Arabian Nights and call it the Quran.

If Non-Malay Non-Muslims take this lying down in a missionary position, or any position at this rate, please forgive me for saying this : You Asked For It.

ducky said...

mayne its quite peaceful in kelantan neo, some ppl dig it.

ducky said...

whoah, hold on there, robin goodfellow, maybe i'm naive, but its only dressing down, no need to get your battle gear on.