Thursday, December 14, 2006

more bail out

more bail out, RM11 billion all together.

funny i thought MAS made a turn around and recorded a profit for the current quarter.

both putra and lrt are pack like sardines during working hours.

why the need for bail out ?

i'm curious, i'm sure the public is curious as well, but our ignorant MP dont seem to see anything wrong with that.

strangely, the bail out is seem more important than the 40% increase in salary by the civil servant.

it sure does tell me something if i'm a civil servant, the leader of the pack must feed his ever hungry belly, than the deputies, the assistant, the followers and finally the left overs for the civil servant.

you know what, maybe streamyx will be asking for a bail out as well, once they cannot support all the ever increasing phone calls they receive daily.


Yodaddy said...

like my comment in the previous post, for every ringgit you spend.....

they(umnoputra) has been siphoning from these company for years. Due to this, they are at least 11 billion richer already(more if the companies are profitable like lrt?)

and then one day, when they feel like it, they would ¨bail-out¨ PLUS highway!

Mat Merah said...

Compatriot Ducky,

The reported answer is the total cost the government spent taxpayers' money in bailing out failed privatised projects initiated in the time of Great Leader Mahathir Mohamad.

MAS had to be bailed out by a special purpose vehicle (SPV) called Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad (PMB) which owns the fleet of aircraft and most of MAS' hardware. MAS is basically a virtual airline that operates the PMB fleet.

As for the civil service, there are a few ways of rewarding them with higher pay within the budget of funds provided by taxpayyers. But this will be painful for most.

Bear in mind that the civil service is bloated to beyond a million people.

We don't need a million-strong civil service especially with all the IT investment made.

So we should cut out possibly 50 percent of government staff, retain the most important like the essential services such as fire brigade, medical services and police but cut out clerks, peons, dispatch boys, drivers, gardeners and waiters and such.

Concentrate on the essential services, pay them double, force them to use IT (with audit trails and KPIs to ensure they do their jobs) and it could plausibly keep within budget.

It will take a great effort to slash the civil service to manageable levels and pay them enough for their work.

They will have to prove their efficiency and effectiveness to get that kind of money which belongs to you and I.

As for Streamyx, sarcasm aside from you, best they figure out who is paying them more on a volume basis and get cracking.

Otherwise, new technologies in the pipeline will wipe them out. Sentimental attachment to the copperwire will be their downfall.

So join us, the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) in this effort.

No way out said...

I dont think Shitmyx will be so easily wiped out as Telekom is behind its back. With the gahmen helping they will just monopolized the whole market banning all the new comers from setting up new companies and operating in M'sia. The only way is new comers must co-operate with shitmix and do partial upgrading on their service(partial cause telekom has no funding) and they go all out and tell the whole they have cutting edge technology and they make everyone use their service by charging redicuous rate. The whole cycle like shitmix will repeat itself. Only that u will see worse service than ever and higher rate. That's the boleh-land.

ducky said...

plus highway, maybe they are more ambitious than that, like say petronas !

thank you for your long winded speech, mat merah

i doubt TM can maintained this level for long, as singapore's broadband is already like 10x faster than ours. somewhere along the line, TM will have to better itself.