Tuesday, December 12, 2006

malaysian radio station sucks

dont you find our local radio station a little stale ?

hitz - two dudes that laugh like some sick hyena, constantly playing the yes no game. has no information to provide, other than the latest craze around. has empty conversation and its not funny anymore. it was much better when jason lo was around. but ja lo nowaday can put u to sleep in the evening slot as well.

mix - janet ambrose meets ahpek. remember janet ambrose way back in radio 4 then, it was this irritating women that goes on and on on things that dont matter and stories that no one can relate to. thats what shazmin reminds me of. and with a combination with richard, its like east meet west, it dont blend. occasionally there are some useful talks like world whatever day.

fly - i suppose its a in-between of hitz and mix. but really i think fly has past his prime. he was very entertaining then with not so entertaining lil’ kev. and phat fabes ? he sounds something a little milder than the morning crew.

so i have now taken to listen to chinese stations, not that i trully understand canton

my fm - in the morning, where they fuck the gamen in the morning, thats all i like abt them

98.8 - where 1 hilarious gay like guy host with a chick. these duo for me personally beat the crap out of hitz, mix & fly morning show combine.

but i feel like the radio stations are quite specifically aim at a specific age/race market.

my kind of radio station,

maybe one that starts the day by going through the local daily and fuck off anything that is politically wrong and followed by some kick ass songs (i realised most station dont play black ppl songs), like public enemy, dr. dre, 2 live crew (yes i know censorship). then follow by call in on how to kick more gamen ass and follow by more kick ass songs. thats a morning show. "good morning vietnam - robin william" ring any bell ? i wonder if mr. kanineh patrick teoh still host radio show i'm not aware of.


Gallivanter said...

Since when Malaysian radio didn't suck in the first place? LOL. I gave up on radio some 10 years ago when I found the internet. :-)

ducky said...

how to get radio internet in the car lah.

Anonymous said...

1. Go computer shop.
2. buy MP3 FM transmitter.
3. D/L MP3 for internets.
4. put MP3 files in USB Thumb drive.
5. win.