Thursday, December 21, 2006

its time to go fuck the gamen.

as 2006 comes nearer to an end, most anti establishment bloggers have somehow mia. maybe most of them are fed-up and cant be bothered anymore. as there is nothing anyone can do, bolehland is definitely becoming a one fraternity dominant country.

the current fraternity group has become so blatantly daring, by robbing us in broad day light by giving so much kindergarden explaination that has no logic and sense put together.

under the current fraternity group rulling, price of petrol has increase, prices of utilities both electricity tariffs and water rates has also increase after given assurance that both of these items will not increase after the surge of petrol prices. plus toll has also increase during the year, next year inter klang valley tolls will also be raised. with all these increase, some idiots in this fraternity group actually has the ballzs to say that prices of food will not increase. standard price of noodles has increase from RM3.00 to RM3.50-4.00 through the year.

and after increasing all the burden of the ppl, they pay a bonus to themselve some RM600 million, and if that is not enough, billions were allocated to bail out particularly mas, star-lrt & putra-lrt. and if that is still not enough, billions were compensated to toll operators of losses suffered from inadequate toll hikes.

i'm very puzzle, mas recently has been overbooked, both star & putra are packed like sardines since traffic coordination in klang valley is hopeless, toll roads are also packed with cars trying to avoid jammed road, with all these massive profits, why why in gods name, a bail out is still necessary ?

i know why, you know why, we all know why. what are we going to do about it ?


i have ask many ppl to support demonstrations and strikes, and these are the normal responses that i get,

1. there is no difference, it cant change a thing, why bothered.
2. i dont want to get whack-kau by the FRU
3. i dont want to be arrested.

unlike demonstration in those anwar days, these demonstration are VERY PEACEFUL, as much as sometimes, demonstrators get distracted by their own agenda, it is still rather peaceful.

the only unruly demonstration that happen this year was done by our umno youth at the US embassy lead by some vip son in law, i was dissapointed the US embassy didnt shoot him ! and yet that was still called peaceful.

the reasons i ask ppl to support demonstration is because it will affirm your hatred in the gamen as i have already.

support means not standing in the front line but to observe by standing around. and to report all the happenings in the blogs to tell the world how bolehland is being run.

some ppl might say that is no differnce from not attending at all, this is what i say, first i support, then i join.

the bigger the crowd the more attention it will attract. if the crowd is more by 10 times the FRU, the FRU will definitely not be beating any peaceful demonstrators, as logic prevails.

come this 7 jan 2007, at the LDP to bear witness and to tell others.

7 jan 2007 time to strike back !


ah pek said...

fuck, fuck, oso must be merry sometimes hor. so..

MERRY CHRISTMAS, DUCKY.. Don't fuck too much, after kkc oso rot. hehehehee...

ducky said...

thank you ah pek, may your christmas wish of having sex with triplets buxom angels while drinking or kau comes true.

merry christmas to you too and a farking new year !

Yodaddy said...

if 10 times more than FRU, they will spray water colour at you!

BN is... they are thieves, we know that. They are accomplished liars, they show it time and again. We dont need them to prove that they are also thugs. Or actually they have already proven it in the KLCC fuel protest.

BN will come prepared this time around, they probably spend a few cabinet sittings planning this....they would probably infiltrate the protest and stage some fight scenes between the infiltrator and the FRU to convince everyone that the protestors started the whole thing which would justify the FRU to whack all of you!

Didnt Rempitman just warned that there is a limit to your freedom?