Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RM1,400 for streamyx per annum ?

i've just realised that for one year of streamyx subscription, i need to pay RM90+RM26 (streamyx+telephone rental) per month. which comes to abt RM1,400.

come to think of it, its quite a lot of money just to serve the net and to download some shit.

is it really worth it ?

maybe for those that got all the $$$ coming in from blogging, wont mind, but for ppl like me that just does it for fun, come on RM1,400 a year ?

i think i got to think abt this seriously.


Lucifer said...

well if you earn your living from the net like you said then its worth it being online 27/7 ..... "BUT WITH STREAMYX" ????? the question is ARE THEY WORTH IT???

or is the consumer just forced into a corner where he/she does not have a choice but to put up with STREAMYX ...their services and support sucks big time...their email servers cant even be secured by their so called "EXPERT TEAM" from mass mailing worms...

ask me about STREAMYX ?

my answer is : STREAMYX is a BIG JOKE!!

angel said...

i want to ask lucifer, so, what do you use?

ducky, why your stimix so sexpensive wan?? I pay 66 + 26 only wor...

ducky said...

lucifer i think you are missing the point here, i'm not comparing their service quality, as all of us know its a joke, but whether paying RM1,400 per annum for streamyx is fine ? think of it, i think my tincan dont even need RM1,400 p.a. for servicing and maintenance.

angel, for RM66 you are paying for the 512K package, is it unlimited as well ? for RM90 which is suppose to be RM88 (they add RM2 for something) is for the 1.0M unlimited.

i think for the past 365 days, my pc has been on for about 360 days, the only thing that blew was the power supply.

Yodaddy said...

for every ringgit you spend in malaysia....50 sen goes to umnoputra´s pocket...and another 30 sen to their cronies´ pocket.

your shitty streamyx cost you 1400 per annum yeah?

Breakdown of cost....amount expressed in RM

1400 rob from consumer
less :
(80) operating cost
(80) finance cost
(100) other cost
(700) pay to umnoputra
(420) pay to crony
20 Profit!

ducky said...

no wonder we get shitmyx, after all the deductions, there is nothing left to upgrade, service, maintain, technical support, maybe the streamyx support lines are the same 103 operators !