Monday, December 11, 2006

when i die, i'm taking all my organs with me, stock and barrel

recently some of those organ donors volunteers approach me and ask whether i would like to donate my organs when i die. as usual as just wave my hand and head saying i'm not interested.

but now come to think of it, i dont think i would want to give any parts away when i die.

why am i such a mother fucker ?

firstly put it this way, when i'm alive i have to pay for my own ever escalating medical bills, but when i die they want to take it away just like that, just because i dont need it ? its like when i'm alive they ask me to go fuck off, but when i die, how may i serve you sir ? but of course i'm dead then and i wont be able to reply.

secondly knowingly malaysia hospital as a all profitable hospital, with their policy of no money go fuck yourself thing, how sure am i that my organ will go to ppl that trully deserve not all those corrupted rich mother fuckers ? worst still my organs end up with some umno mofo like the nazi guy. why the fuck would i want to help those ppl that dont deserve to live but can because they have zillions of money ?

and lastly, only if they can assure me that my organs will only be donated to my family members, i'm not interested.


Lucifer said...

greetings, evil is upon you,....i totally agree with you ducky, how sure are we that they are going to give your organs for free too as you donate it for free..and not just give it to the highest bidding mother fucker ;)

you got my vote 110% they can all join me in hell for all i care, thay ain't getting a piece of my organs too..

Anonymous said...

You may have valid points, I don't know enough about organ donorship in Malaysia to address your specific points.

However, if the shoe is on the other foot and YOU are the one waiting for an organ, you'll be singing a different tune about organ donorship for sure.

You can't restrict that your organs will only be donated to your family member unless you state it in your will and one of your family members happens to need an organ when you die unexpectedly. Organs that are 'harvested' must be used very very quickly - you can't keep them on ice until suddenly your family member needs it.

ducky said...

the evil one - emmph, that is absolutely true, we give it for free, but the applicant must pay for it, its just like blood donation. fuck those mofo.

blue black - well if i need a specific organ, then i'll be singing the blues.
i thought these organs can be kept for a while until required ! i guess not.

Adam said...

This is a totally ignorant post. When we sign a organ donation form, we don't care who it goes to but instead with the hope that it may help someone else.
Lot of people die in Malaysia just because there are not enough organs donations. I know this for a fact because my dad is a doctor who works in a hospital. Like Shiny Blue Black says, you will sing a different tune when you are the person on the other side who needs an organ donation to survive.

d_D said...

I'm an organ donor signee. Come to think of it, it's true. Why donate free when other people pay for the organs. Kidneys RM30,000. Liver RM 40,000. Eyes RM15,000. Heart RM50,000. Penis RM5,000. Haha

ducky said...

adam, funny thing is i'm a blood donor and it never occured to me that blood donating is somewhat similar to organ donor. i've been donating blood annually for the past 10 over years and not caring where the blood actually went. guess its a redundant post. you saved me adam !

d_d i ask around, most ppl said that u pay for the operation but the organs are free. i'm not sure, maybe adam knows better.