Wednesday, January 03, 2007

roads are tarred, election must be coming !

i think the gamen think we are a bunch of ass holes.

1. wtf can anyone do with that rm10-30 saving in road tax which you pay once a year, on the assumption that average ppl drive a 1.5 litre car.

then you have the local print saving idiotic things like malaysian rejoice over lower road tax !

my first reaction was, wtf can i do with the savings ? buy a large mcvalue meal ?

2. have you smell that newly tarred road yet ?

i think the general election is coming closer than we think it is.

every election year, they tarred the road.

precisely, does the gamen think by tarring our road they votes in their favour ?

the act of tarring the road is by all means actually showing us that from the day that these MP's have been so called elected, they have not done a single thing until now!

3. rumour has it that the price of petrol will be increase by another Rm0.30 before cny !

i've been trying to hammer everyone i know to vote against the BN, my mum say she'll be voting for the oppostion as well. that's good news.

think of what BN ever did for you and then vote against BN.


Yodaddy said...

i dont think the election would be held this year.... they would lose if it is going to be held right after all the shit that they have been EXPOSED doing lately. Unless i am mistaken, BN would never win in another election in the foreseeable future....unless they pakat with the Election commission, which they most definitely did after 1999.

If there is an election, it would have been won by the BN on the negotiation table with EC and not in the ballot box through the voters. EC are easier to please then UMNO and hence 1.5 million per ¨division¨ should suffice to ensure BN wins.....end of the day it would be like 2004 again...BN gets 94% majority.

bail outs, naik harga, cronism.. they do it all the time...and yet they still manage to stay in power election after election.

ducky said...

if it is not this year then it would definitely be early next year as they cant fuck around when anwar is around, caused then he would want to fuck around as well !

would it make any difference if we volunteer to count the votes ? and then make a racket out of it when we smell a rat, like all those endless mail votes !