Thursday, January 04, 2007

demanding your right of road

1. mcmc order us not to waste internet usage during the current asian internet crisis. sure why not anything for a cause, then can mcmc at the same time order streamyx to give me a 50% reduction in my streamyx bill ? you cant can you, so shut the fuck up !

2. there are more and more idiots on the road nowadays. especially on the highway. long ago before there were highways, only ppl that can really drive, took on the roads, the rest just took public transport.

let ducky educate you a little on 'demanding my right of road'

many a times on the highway, you are cruisin on 90-110km/h (spell more economical) on the highway, and you decide to overtake that slower lorry, not wanting to go over the speed limit, you drive @ 115km/h, as you overtake the lorry, some idiot in a ferrari/mercedez/bmw/etc come tail gate you because you are 'slowin' them down, dont bother just stick to your speed limit and overtake that bus/lorry/truck/etc and leave some space in between before putting on your left signal to go back onto the slower lane.

after you do that keep your eyes on the road and do not even bother to even look at their cars.

what you should not do is drive faster then you should and then keep to the left lane asap after you overtake the slower vehicle, as that would endanger yourself and the slower vehicle you just overtook. neither should you slow down while overtaking to piss off those tail gaters, as you were overtaking in the first place.

if you want to slow down to piss off these tail gaters, do it NOT on a highway, but your average roads, as average road speed limit are @ 60km/h.

but if you insist on doing it on the highway, there are times when you actually can. but make sure you are not road hogging first !

first you keep to your crusin speed @90-110km/h, then some cars overtaking you on your left on crusing speed as well. then the idiot come along, and tail gate that car that was overtaking you, failing to do so, the car switches lane and tail gate you instead.

so now you can slow down by not stepping on the accelarator but NOT braking as that would be sending both of you to hell. now this is when it gets exciting, the idiot car will now change back to the right lane to zig-zag across you and the other car, so as soon as the idiot car move to the right lane, step back on the accelarator to be level with the other car that was overtaking you !

idiot driver being really piss, will now swerve all the way to the left onto the emergency lane and overtake both of you. let him go, you had your fun.

election is coming vote against the BN


angel said...

lucky ducky, so free arr you??

ducky said...

forgot to wish you merry christmas and a happy new year !
so free ah ? no-lah lazy-lah after so long cuti.