Sunday, January 07, 2007

protest ? nobody got hurt ! wtf was the fru doing ? wtf !

Ok, this toll protest looks a little like the wayang Tian Chua has been telling us like in the litrak agreement with the gamen.

Protestors were there, leaders of all sorts were there, but what was missing during the 1 hour long ! speech was the jackass telling ppl to bersurai because this is an illegal gathering and they are given some minutes to fuck off before the FRU releases their deadly water canon.

Speeches after speeches, (I got bored, its like all talk with no action.) I think it was @ 45 minutes, ppl cheering on TOL – Tipu Orang Lagi, samy turun, hidup rakyat, etc etc etc. but no action !

So I pack my bags and left, to be only stuck in a traffic jam, since the protestors has started to march into the highway, then from a far I saw those famous red helmets dude, the fru has arrived, so did anyone die or got injured ? according to malaysiakini it was peaceful.

Come to think of it, doesn’t it look like the kind protest khairy and friends did last year, and the FRU personnel did not even raise a baton !

I’m curious, as to whether this is a wayang, or that it was held at a very public place, there was a lot of vehicle traffic, there was residential, shoppers and a lot of foreigners since this is vmy 2007 !

And actually it was in the paper announcing the venue and day and the news actually covered it !

General election is indeed coming.

That is why the gamen announced that there will not be any fuel increase this year as well.

All the signs are there. 2007, VMY or is it a distraction for a feel good feeling from the real agenda, The General Election.

Well the only consolation I got from the protest, was an anti toll car sticker, “tol naik tolak BN” and I saw jeff ooi in person, you cant miss him, about my height and he was In a green top, with all his equipment around him.

pictures ? well jeff was there, and his camera is much bigger !


Yodaddy said...

when you see BN actively campaign, you then add 6 months after that and you get GE.

Petrol not up? Of course. There is no reason to up the petrol....BC Oil is lower now then when they decide to increase petrol price last year.

KY said...

It would be ridiculous to have any fuel price increment this year. The price of crude just dropped to 2 year low.

Anyway, those FRU "guys" were female.

ducky said...

Yoda, i think that formula not so correct, since they will be actively campaigning for that batu seat in dpm kampung.

i believe it is the subsidy thing in petrol, so it has no relevance to the current oil price Ky.

so is that an indication the next time when there is a protest, if the FRU sent their chicks in then you wont expect any action, else bring extra clothes.

Anonymous said...

I was actually there, and enjoyed every minute of it.

ducky said...

i understand quite a number of bloggers went as well, maybe next time we should all wear a personalized cap with our blog name written on the cap. i have read your post on that. lucky you.