Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Independent Candidate

Yesterday, the Penang CM made a very true statement during the by election for Batu Talam.

"Every vote counts and voters must think rationally to avoid making a decision which is detrimental to the future of the country"

"If they make a mistake in choosing the wrong candidate, then they would have wait for another general election,"

- Which is very true, just look at our very own chosen PM, Pak Lah not even elected but hand chosen.

He said the people should not be taken in by promises or his agenda to fish for votes.

- And the BN don’t fish for votes ????

"The Opposition will not do anything for the people but appear when the election is near.

- And the BN appear every fucking time ? why don’t we check their parliament attendance first.

"On the other hand, Barisan's representatives are always there to assist the people in resolving their problems," he said, adding that should the independent candidate win, it would only benefit himself as he would receive a fixed salary from the Government.

- Ooh, and the BN candidate does it for free ???

Personally ducky feels independent candidates are the best as they don’t need to “toe the line” as the nazi guy has rightfully said before.

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