Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Public transportation over toll roads

Every time you hear the traffic report on the radio, you can always hear this,

1. Sunway toll towards Motorola is always jammed up
2. Besraya Highway officials say that traffic is still heavy at the Tai Thung intersection – City
3. And that the penang bridge is also fuck up, so please delay your journey.

As you can see the logic behind the toll protest last Sunday at sunway.

Besraya highway toll which begins in front of salak south has been jammed since ppl has been using it and the side effects of building that smart tunnel along the seremban highway also has increase the traffic flow quite tremendous.

And that penang bridge problem ? during Christmas, some of my penang relatives were saying how the traffic dj told them to delay their journey to the island. Their respond was WTF ! WTF ! WTF delay the fucking journey ? what kind of fucking answer is that. Might as well swim across.

Bottom line is this, no matter how many roads are built, the traffic will always increase many folds and it will never be the other way around. Never.

Tolls roads as you also know is the alternative way for those corrupted sob to rob us in broad day light.

And If the gamen ever was honest in tackling the traffic problem, efficient public transport is the only answer.

Just think of it for a second, take all the money that the idiots has already used to built all the fuck up highway from then till now, plus all the so call compensation, add them all together, I’m sure we could already have state of the art fully subsidise public transport from johor bahru to bukit kayu hitam.

But what to do, Malaysians are a bunch of idiots, for 50 over years from the days of tunku till badawi, they have been robbing us blind. But we just continue to vote for them for the fear of the may 13 incident.

And indeed it is a racial thing. The Chinese being totally selfish, the malays being not wanting to lose their rights, the Indians which never had any rights and yang lain-lain which nobody cared !

The general election is near, is time for you to make a decision, will you continue to let may 13 be a fear factor or will you face fear in the face and prove that fear is not a factor. (Yes yes I rip it off from fear factor).



ah pek said...

hahaha.. you standing for the rocket ah?

ducky said...

first time was with the moon, subsequently rocket all the way.