Wednesday, January 31, 2007

50 years of horse shit.

Instead of trying to come out with a solution, the people that was responsible of publicing the toll agreements are now being threaten to eat ikan kembung for the next 10-20 years.

Lets look at it in a simpler way, this high figure political dude killed someone in his home, which is situated in a high security area, which the public are not permitted to enter. Lets so happen some Hero manage to creep into this dude home and manage to record the killing action on tape. So the Hero put the recording on you-tube for all to see. The dude found this out and decide to throw this Hero to prison. So he charged the Hero on tresspasing on high security area, which is punishable by death. The court naturally agrees, as this is a high politically figure. How about the video recording, of course a committee will be set up and look into the matter. case close.

Its the same damn way of doing away with bloggers, let the PM claim that all bloggers spread lies about him and the PM does not lie. he is GOD, he never lies, he just misrepresent the truth.

Lets take that aeroplane story, he said it was not for him, it was for govt staff. is he not a govt staff ? The boat story, he did not buy the boat, true, the govt bought the boat for him.

This is a funny year indeed. Because the country is going to celebrate 50 years of independence, which i have no idea why. Cause the reality there is no reason to celebrate, the rakyat mood i'm quite sure has not been as low as now. Every damn thing is expensive, but the govt seems to believe other wise. unlike the rakyat, the govt seems to be living in a bubble, which has no sense of reality. they do not need to pay, cause they re-imburse only.

So instead of trying to make things better this year, they will wipe out all elements that are against the govt and only the spanking clean will be left to show. Its like a showroom, everything boleh, anything tak boleh will either be in sg. buluh, kamunting or dead. This is how the govt is going to celebrate its 50 years of independence.

I believe there is a competition to create a 50 years celebration logo, here is mine.


mob1900 said...

Rhetoric noted. Now all we need is a pole to hoist it up!

ducky said...

you know where the longest pole in tin can county is, just need to find some hero to hoist it up there on that tangga tiga puluh satu day.

Yodaddy said...

ducky, actually Mr. Sleeping Ugly said they leased it from PNB. It is not his in the direct kinda way but it is his when you look at it through Beneficial Ownership. He is afterall gonna benefit from it....

What do you mean by god never lie? I give you some proof next time but now, lets look at this in his point of view, he has the right NOT to Implicate himself in whatever he may have been he may lie and it is up to people to believe him or not....

Naik harga is inevitable(not our friend with the pic of Mugiwara) it is the culmination of all economical pressure to the business after the increase of the cost of primary commodities eg petrol which then effects electricty then water and so on. Since Mr 10 minutes not enough is responsible for this......we should rightly ridicule him to our hearts content!!!