Friday, February 02, 2007


News on the opposition leaders being quizzed and charged for releasing the so call OSA documents has got ducky all charged up, and this being friday, it's just perfect.

now its crystal clear. pak lah or badawi or the eunoch PM or sleepy head or whatever name that pleases you is a fucking balless prick. the man, no, calling him a man is too much of an honour. the fucking balless prick is a fucking pussy. that dickhead cannot be criticise. i doubt a backbone can even be found.

dont have the balls to cough up an answer for the toll concession agreement question, just did the only thing his puny dinasour pea brain could come up with, "eer, eer, samy why dont we lock them up dude ?" samy, replied " excelent dude", and he continue jamming his guitar"

it is wrong, it is so fucking wrong to lock up agreements made with private firms to suck up the hard earn rakyat duit. if it is a trade secret, or military thingy, or some whatever really secret stuff, then its ok. here you have more or less all the projects that suck up the rakyat duit into somebody pockets as an OSA. it cannot get any more coincidence than this.

where is the fucking transparency you fucking balless prick has been chanting about, asking us to work with you to achieve whatever so called achievement you think it is. and dare you claim that you still got support from the rakyat.

here is my fucking support for you


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