Thursday, February 08, 2007

So Pan Asian arent allowed to do advert, boo hoo

I don’t get it.

I just don’t get why people are all so piss off over the news that those so call pan-asian look people should not appear on TV adds anymore.

What is so sad about that ?

It just creates more job opportunity for ali, ravi & ah chong, so why all the cursing ?

Why you are not ali, ravi & ah chong ?

Don’t you feel that most of these orang putih mix people seems to feel that it is that god given right to appear on media because they look much better and they sound more professional with an accent or a fake one. And that their thinking are much more broader since they have live in overseas before. Blah blah blah.

What about ali, ravi & ah chong, don’t they deserve the right as well ?

Just because they are not as fortunate to have live overseas, makan bacon & eggs for breakfast, have afternoon tea, exposed to different culture, mixing with a variety of foreign people or breathe the orang putih air ! does that make them less equal ?

Fuck, don’t tell me about demand and supply, if the govt demand of such rules and regulation then the fucking people that create such media would simply comply.

Then what, these ‘cham peng’ will be unemployed ? fuck noooo. Most, (means not all) are comfortably well off, have you ever seen a Eurasian beggar ? fuck no. how about those salesman/women that sell those Rm10 things, have you ever seen a cham peng doing that ? have you seen a champ peng working for peanuts in a accounting firm ? fucking no no no.

This is because most cham peng is not going to sweat it out for a living.

So why are you still cursing ?


Yodaddy said...

i believe there is two points in your post. One is, govt tried to victimise cham beng. Two is that Cham beng is made to look like some helpless victim ( which is a bit over the top)

It has become ridiculuos that the govt has the ability to come up with stupid idea after stupid idea to piss off some minority, in this case, cham beng.

This 'rule' is untenable and would not stand for long, belive me. To deny cham beng in the main stream advertisements, it is like the proverbial driving them underground.

Lets face it, honestly, humans appreciates beauty. I would rather buy some product that Hannah Tan appear in some advert than some other prodcut that doesnt.

So we see now how stupid this ruling is?

I agree with you ducky, that cham beng would not be victimised. As it is, there need not be too much noise about this, but please remember that the govt is at the receiving end of this backlash... And by god, they fucking deserve it!!!!

So we will wait and see when this rule is enforced, i bet you that the ones going down are the main stream media losing the adverts to the alternative media like internet! Which would be the first of many victory against the govt tools of oppression, the MSM.

One day when the opposition wins the GE, they should make this Zam guy (is it him whom made this announcement) a hero for puting in motion the downfall of the BN regime.

Anonymous said...

You dumb shit.

It's a question of human rights. This ruling is discriminatory towards those who have pan-asian looks. The government is taking away their RIGHTS as a human being and Malaysian because of the way they look. We are talking about Malaysians here. Hannah T, Asha Gill, Ashraf Sinclair etc...all these people are Malaysians.

All the Ali, Ravi and Ah Chong you're talking about, they never had their RIGHTS taken away from them to do modelling. Their RIGHTS have been there all along. The opportunity has been there all along. Whether or not they make it is a combination of factors, one of them being supply and demand just like in any other industry.

If the government enforces this ruling, what else are they going to enforce? Who else is going to be discriminated against? We already have the NEP in place...if you're Malay you get help from the government, you get discounts for buying house, you get treated with priority whilst the rest of the non-Malays can just figure out their way.

It's human rights we are talking about here. That's why those who understand it is still cursing, because on the flip side you don't see the bigger picture. And for the record, I do not have a pan-asian look at all but like I said that is not the real problem here. This pan-asian model thing is just small piece of the picture. It's a human rights issue.

ducky said...

yoda & anom why am i the only person that thinks this way.

why must it be human rights ? then in that case, it is also my god damn human rights to get that advert on tv but so happen my skin is not so bright and my eyes are not that big and sparkling and i cannot speak in a orang putih dialect because i was born and bred in malaysia. but i cant, because the demand is not there.

it has nothing to do with any fucking human rights. did the govt say thes pan asians cannot do accounting, lawyer, doctors ? fucking no, they only mentions media.

the sooner you guys get it clear in your head the better. Pan asians has always had it better than non pan asians, and they always use it to their advantage.

the rulling is nothing more than like your dad says you cant ride a bike.