Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fake Leaders

Our gamen seems to think it is one big shot country, representing a false identity to foreigners.

Many people seem to think that the FTA with the US is not a good idea.

On the overall its not a good idea, as it has produce some feedback as to why the talk was so important.

Normally these US people are rather strict and seldom negotiate, but they seems to understand our bumi rights ? And our oil contract with Iran ?

It would seem like it is important to a certain quarters than a whole nation dont you think ?

And the factor on our side which shows what the keris wielding man said was right, that they will shed blood to protect their bumi rights - No Bumi Rights, No FTA talks.

Lets not compare countries or gamen, as that will take us no where, just look at malaysia.

being a member of UN but don’t recognizing UNHCR, given if it was a an Indonesian asylum seeker, the story would be different.

Our petrol prices is the lowest in the region, gamen comparing petrol prices to justify the increase

This is malaysia we have a different idea on freedom, justifying why we lack freedom of speech

The litrak agreement is under OSA top secret, justifying why 4 opposition leaders must be jailed

Water tariff agreement is also under OSA but can shown to investor, to justify the increase in water tariffs

Bottom line, our fake gamen being run by pretending liars and sons of bitches assholes, just twist and turn the so call law to their liking, if it was for their own good, the legal system is the law, if it is against them, by all means crush the legal systems.

And the judges ? Short of understanding the legal procedure you and me can become better judges, as we would actually think before passing judgment. These judges most of the time have already been told what to say, better yet, precedent, one case for all.

I saw this movie on astro that day, 'higher learning' they had this quote,

Without struggle, there is no progress. (Quoted from Frederick Douglas)

What if I continue with this, would it make any sense ?

Without struggle, there is no progress.
Without progress, there is no development
Without development, there is no future
Without future, there is no us

Election is coming, be wise, if you have been voting for the BN all your life out of fear of may 13, then you are the victim, that is some 30 years old incident, yes the tension might be the same now, but we are much matured now, don’t under estimate the malays, not all of them are like what the pretenders leaders of the country portrays. They also has progress much as we had.


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