Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How qualified is Hishamuddin ?

This is very interesting.

Read from Malaysiakini, “Education NGOs meet United Nations Human Rights Council, special rapporteur, Vernor Munoz Villalobos”

Dr Kua Kia Soong, principle of New Era College owned by Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ), told him this,

1. “Every year, there is increasing enrolment of students (in Chinese and Tamil primary schools), but the number of schools are being reduced,”

2. “students in universities and colleges are being restricted in voicing opinions on current affairs such as education issues”

Wonder what will the BN Govt think of this ?


“The special rapporteur is an independent expert appointed by the UN Commission on Human Right to help states, and others, to promote and protect the right to education. Villalobos is currently serving in the Costa Rican Ombudsman’s office, and teaches at the Latina University in Costa Rica as professor of civil rights. He has vast experience in mainstreaming human rights in strategic planning, especially in the field of education."

Best man for the JOB wont you say ?

how about Hishammuddin ?

from wikepedia,

"Prior to his commencing his political career, Hishamuddin was formerly a lawyer with the large Malaysian firm of Shearn Delamore and Lee Hishammuddin."

emmph, a lawyer, a politician and now an educator ? what do you get ?

a crooked & corrupted future.



Anonymous said...


i understand you concern about Hisham's qualification for his ministerial post. However, I believe that he has demonstrated his intelligence in formulating the policies and commitment to changing the education system for the better in baby steps.

ducky said...

actually i was more into wondering why dont we have the best person for the job but instead on this rotation system. being the education minister already signify your next move, dpm and finally PM. its nothing more like the rotation system for the agung.

Yodaddy said...

i thought he was from Skreen before going with tony to open LeeHis?

But if it is true he should be quite qualified..... Unless you compare him to some fulltime educator (which you did) he would then appear to be less experienced.

But what makes a good Minister? It is definately not qualification...TM was a GP also wat....It is the political will to do the right thing even if it may appear unpopular.

Why should he make the decision to give the best education to to the young ones when there might be negative benefit to BN?

The more educated someone is, the less bullshit that he/she can take. especially from the govt.

On the other hand, the less educated a person is, the more bullshit can pass through undetected. (no offence to anyone here, just guilty of sweeping generalisation)

So what is BN best interest again?

ducky said...

ok ok point noted.

but i guess this is how BN works.

stupid for the sake keeping thier heritage.

Anonymous said...

gambar terbaru JJ cabul..