Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've just heard of Penangfon, have you ?

My last streamyx bill before I was cap showed I used 79Gb of data usage, now with a cap usage, my data usage is 43Gb. Can someone show me a data usage for RM66 package ? I’m seriously thinking of switching to Rm66 since my Rm88 package is cap.

And for new users, please refrain from getting the 1Mb deal, it is horseshit. Just take the 512kb deal, course that’s the real deal.

And I’ve just recently heard of Penangfon, fibre optic cables at 2Mb for Rm60 at month ! It’s that for real ? any users care to share that truth of that.

In the company profile it claim to be part of Rimbunan Hijau Group, isn’t that the rich sarawakian timber tycoon ? and they also mentioned this “…….and later on nationwide roll out…” good news to us, bad news to streamyx.

This reminds me of my monthly letter to streamyx, I have been writing to streamyx monthly now since I have been cap, telling them how shitty they are and any fucking thing I felt like saying at the moment, and they reply ! I guess I’ll ask them about penangfon this time around.

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Anonymous said...

TM NET still owe me one month's bill..due to them failling to inform me that my account had been activated.I only found out after i received the bill.And even funnier i took the package that comes with the modem.They didn't even had the cheek to send the modem and instead asking me to bayar dulu pakai kemudian...!$#%^^&