Friday, January 12, 2007

friday ranting

today i was listening to my usual morning radio, and they were complaining abt malaysia slow many millions procedure and approval. in short many red tape with many assholes.

i'm sure if you had visited a gamen department you would encounter some problems. usual rantings are file missing, officer in charge not around and the famous kursus.

but once in a while you would hear something which personally i think should never even be mentioned.

'dia pergi main sukan'

yes gamen dept likes to have inter dept/branch/office/ministry at the expense of the tax payer. normally they would just drop what they are doing and main sukan.

ask when they we be back, 'bila minggu sukan sudah habis !'

so the next time you get a letter from any gamen dept asking you to pay or show your fucking face in their fucking office, you can tell them this, 'tunggu sampai EPL season habis !'

since BN is going to win the next GE as usual, why not we just boycott it !


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the other most common reasons gahmen officer give for not able to attend to you:

a. On maternity leave (boy, can they really get pragnent fast).

b. On leave. Which usually lasted a month or so (with this long annual leave no wonder gahmen always lack of staffs).

c. Keluar meeting but in reality keluar minum kopi, keluar bawa anak, keluar bayar bill.

d. Meeting (do they need to empty the whole dept for meeting ? And did I mention this before.)

e. Sedang 'engage' / talking to phone. If its official business its still ok, but in reality mostly just chatting away on the office phone with lover/bf/husband.

ducky said...

it would appear that you also have constant visitation to the gamen dept. try the LHDN stamp duty office on friday, where they reopen at 2.45pm after prayers and close at 3:15pm !

Anonymous said...

They might as well declear the dept to be off in the Friday afternoon. Opening for 30 minutes minus 10 min reading the paper, 5 min to the toilet, 3 min to 'bancuh' kopi, 10 min chatting away at the pantry. You only have 2 mins window to talk to them and get the reply: " Sorry encik, boleh encik kembali Isnin sebab kami mau tutup dalam masa 2 minit". Way to go....