Monday, January 22, 2007

The right thing to do

I’ve been watching House MD lately, season 1, 2 & 3.

At first I thought I was fascinated by their vast knowledge of diagnosis, symptoms and illnesses, but soon I realized what keeps me wanting for more is Dr. House lack of respect for authority and procedures.

In which Dr. Cameron sums it up quite well, “I thought you defy authority to heal people because you care for them, but I was wrong, you defy authority to heal patients because it was the right thing to do”

Yes, because it was the fucking right thing to do.

Much as it is just a medical TV show, but it strives to educate us something, that the world needs more people like Dr. House that will go that extra mile fear not of litigation or arrestment just to do the right thing.

Back in our Malaysian soil, 2 well knows bloggers are being prosecuted for the same course, doing the right thing.

Many of us including me as well, lack the ability to stand out of the crowd to make a difference because it is the right thing to do. We fear of what the society might think of us as geeks, aliens or weirdo.

So instead of championing these two heroes, our local print, notably NSTP decides to prosecute this doers of right, so that others will not follow in their footsteps to promote justice and the TRUTH.

Personally I think NSTP or any other media print in the future should pulled back their litigation attack, because on the first instance, they are not reporting half the truth to us as well. They are only ALLOWED to report what deem to be the best interest of the Govt. No matter how you look at it, telling a half truth is nothing more than a lie. And a lie is a defamatory in a way. So can some smart ass lawyer advised us public people how to go about sueing the print media for reporting half truth.

And lastly, the people that call themselve journalist, that writes for the print media, how can YOU let others tell you what you can and cannot write. I guess your dream of making a difference has come true, a dream of lying to the Malaysian rakyat.


moo_t said...

Something like this is easily turn up rich vs the poor; rich trying to shun the poor with money to sustain in the case.

And this against the spirit of justice : fairness trial.

ducky said...

Robin the Hood Vs The Sherrif of Nottingham ?
Nah not quite the suitable.
The People Vs Larry Flint ?
Nah out of topic.
Malaysian Justice League vs The Evil Govt ? a movie in the making.

Yodaddy said...

Ducky, but what is the right thing to do?

Desperate people take desperate measures and does desperate things.

the desperate people is a reference to the govt of the day. The internet mouthpiece is threatening to smash their solid gold rice bowl.

Every little rumour might cost them millions in lost kickbacks....

Every person has a price. Like me, i wouldnt run over a dog for say, RM1000 but would do it for 1 million.

While i dont see myself as very bermoral, i doubt that i would be less than anyone in BN. So you see what desperate measures they would take given the right motivations.

Now i think we have 2 choices..

Keep quiet, let the govt think that the bloggers are not so much of a threat and they might just stop at teaching the 2 prominent bloggers a lesson.

Make lots of noise and they would acknowledge that internet is a threat and would stop at nothing to make an example out of the 2 prominent bloggers.

What do you think? Which is the right thing to do?

ducky said...

hmm the right thing to do and doing the right thing. question, question, question.
both looks the same but do they mean the same thing ?
right thing to do seems to be morally right while the right thing seems like best for everyone, right ?

we cant keep quite on this yoda, the world is watching and furthermore we have 2 of our knights pieces in the central field, flank by the queen and the rook and a bishop maybe.

Yodaddy said...

yeah the world is watching, like how we watch the war in Iraq... how much did we do other than make some comments saying the US is pai kia? Wait...did we say anything about Iraq? I dont remember you or me mention it.....Anyway, the point is same time next week, the "world" would have completely forgotten about this.

The difference between the choices is the level of escalation the govt would go to. Hypothetically speaking DEFCON 1 then 2 and then 3.

Lets say for example Defcon 1 is sue...2 is ISA...3 is c4? You get what i mean....

and your chess game analogy is interesting.....because the knight is most powerful when they are in the centre of the board.

ducky said...

c4 kaboom, mongolian model in the lawsuit as well ?

yes the knight was used intentionaly, looking for a check, which means no blockage, but a movement, the next ?, to where, the queen or the pawn ? yes who to sacrifice next before counter attacking.