Friday, January 05, 2007


Long ago all toll roads in the klang valley only cost Rm0.50.

You remember the cheras toll, jalan kuching toll, jalan genting kelang / jalan pahang toll and still existing taman connaught toll.

All these toll roads were highly utilize as it only cost Rm0.50.

What happen in between that makes a toll road cost Rm0.50 to Rm1.00++.

Something somewhere someone is getting greedier, what used to take 10 years for some mofo to become a millionaire now takes 1 year.

The rakyat are always duped to believe that toll roads reduce traffic jam, but this is not the case anymore. As toll roads are only constructed after a jam arise, in which the duration while the toll roads are being built itself creates more traffic jam, and all they do is stick a sign board saying ‘terima kasih atas kesabaran anda’

And to fuck us more, upon completion of the toll road, we are still stuck in a traffic jam after paying for it, which comes back to square 1 again.

And as always alternative roads are always provided, but to only a certain extent.

Lets take something close to where I live.

The Besraya Highway, form Salak South to Seri Kembangan. Rm1.30 each.

When the highway was first constructed, everybody was against it, why ? because there is already an existing road and why must anyone pay toll just by driving out of their driveway ? Its just day light robbery. But being under DAP territory they don’t give a fuck. So they built the damn highway. Upon completion, as in the blueprint the had to built the alternate road.

Know what happen next ? everybody, I mean everybody used the alternate road, the toll road was not utilize at all. At any time there was only 1 toll operator at work, and most of the time he/she would be sleeping, as there were no traffic at all.

So months past by, with little or no toll collection, they barricaded the alternate road with no reason. The next day, the residents took a bull dozer and bull dozed off the barricade, don’t fuck with kampung folks ! that didn’t deter them. They smash up the alternate roads and constantly have police hanging around there to look for trouble. Not giving up, ppl continue to use the smash up road. Toll operators got fed up, totally destroyed the alternate road and permanently seal it off.

Today another alternate road came around, but it is so much further.

Has anyone notice the about completion of the smart tunnel ? I notice toll gates at the entrance. I thought it was about preventing floods in the city, I guess I was wrong. Its about making some greedy politician richer.


Lets see if we can link these guys which are litrak directors to some influential politician.

1. Tan Sri Dato' Ir (Dr) Wan Abdul Rahman bin Haji Wan Yaacob

2. Ir. Haji Yusoff bin Daud
3. Dato' Lin Yun Ling
4. Tan Sri Dato' Nasruddin bin Bahari

5. Dato' Ir Chew Swee Hock

6. Dato' Ir Haji Azmi bin Mat Nor
7. Mr Ng Kee Leen
8. Mr Saw Wah Theng

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