Thursday, November 30, 2006

1st it was expensive then now its dangerous.

1st they started to close the pig farms and the prices of pork went skyrocketing like the prices or petrol.

small pork seller suffers, as lest ppl buy pork and eats more ayam.

then now they tell you that the babi is injection with some kind of shit which is unhealthy if you eat a lot, in case you didnt know, they do the same thing to the ayam, but never made any big headlines.

so now, not only the small pork sellers suffers from low sales, they now suffers from no sales !

dont be surprise if the ayam price went up just like our toll roads.

welcome to malaysia, where the pigs population will soon extinct and the only pigs left are those that belong to some fraternity group.


KY said...

all the pork sellers i've seen are big. :P

ducky said...

big size or drive a big car.
most ppl has a presume assumption that all pork sellers are rich. if its a big enterprise, by all means, but small peddlers dont make that much. why do they still sell it then, cause home consuming then wont be expensive.