Friday, November 17, 2006

amazing race asia hot babe

one chick caught ducky attention while watching the amazing race asia. everyone fav, the still not eliminated filipina duo of aubrey & jacq. aubrey is the tall one. its stated in the amazing race that she is a model.

ok simple arithmetics, you got a chick from the filipino country, she is a model, you add this 2 together you get a hot babe in revealing outfits. filipino fhm issues, has very near naked chick, with stuff, maxim & even playboy.

links ? what for ? thats what google is for ! go google yourself. hot babe like that, hope she last for a while in the race, else ratings might go down.

i hope we dont have self righteous idiots out that might want to disqualify her for posing like this. just you know, one of the previous amazing race contestant was a former penthouse/playboy. victoria something.

heard it on the mix fm this morning, they spoke to that eliminated filipino dude, dude said they lost because the lost their taxi after coming out of the zoo ! taxi ? i thought it was the fucking fast forward ! but he did said if he had a second chance, he might not do the fast forward, but he still blame the taxi thing.


Anonymous said...

*toink* !!!!

ducky said...

toink toink toink