Wednesday, November 22, 2006

who the fuck is MSC kidding pulak

last month i had this article who the fuck is TM kidding.

now we have MSC trying to tell the world how great they are. i already thought MSC was a failed project, as the idea of supplying the world with IT knowledge workforce is no where near what India export out even on a monthly basis.

some of the tag lines

" we welcome the world "

"MSC malaysia, the difference between good investment & great investment"

" class infrastructure at 3rd world cost"

".......supporting government policies ????"

whose is next ? proton ? no, bridge building and water supply maybe.

imagine the tag line,

"we are the emerging leaders in asian water supply and bridge building, we are commited in making a world of difference in the lives of over 1.8 billion people by building bridges that crack under preasure and water supply that will stink of shit and a load full of rust."

malaysia welcome the world.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

MDEC is the greatest joke in the country.

I despise these people to the core.

Fucking fat cats deadwoods.

One of the most corrupt department and I believe they even help launder money for the japanese mafia.